When a phone has been rooted, the software in the phone is changed, which can lead to varying results.

Most often, when a code has been entered into the phone and it has previously been rooted, the phone will accept the code and remove the network lock. However, there are instances when the code is entered into the correct part of the phone and the network locked isn’t removed.

If you have a rooted phone and you are sure you are entering the unlock code correctly, possibly even seeing the message “successful” on the handset itself, don’t worry, there is a simple fix.

To unlock a rooted phone, you will need to temporarily revert the phone back to the original default software. If you weren’t the one to root the phone and are unsure how to go about doing that, you can seek help at online forums like XDA Developers or simply search “Remove phone root” in your chosen search engine.

Once done, simply follow the unlocking instructions you have and when the phone reads “successful” the network locked has then been correctly removed. You can then revert the phone back to the rooted software and the phone will remain unlock permanently.

There is another question that can pop up here, and that is, how do you tell if your phone is rooted or not? A rooted phone will tell you it is modified when it starts up. Simply watch the phone when it is being turned on and note the names of the applications loading. Usually the phones manufacturer will appear, but there also may be something you don’t recognise as a phone brand or recognised software name.