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    Enter your details

    Select the model of your Tracfone device and the network (Tracfone) it’s locked to. Then enter your phone's IMEI number.

    Finding your IMEI number or Don’t know your carrier?

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    Make payment

    Once your payment’s been verified, we’ll process your phone unlock remotely. You can keep up-to-date with the phone unlocking process with our live tracking service.

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    Free your phone

    Confirmation of your phone unlock or unlock code will be emailed within 24 hours. Job done, you can start searching for a better deal.

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Why do I need a Tracfone phone unlock?

Your Tracfone phone is full of potential. But if it's locked that potential is locked away too. Unlock codes are powerful because they transform your Tracfone device into a world full of opportunities. Want to shop around for better phone deals offered by other carriers? Check. Keen to cash in on the value of your Tracfone phone by selling it on? Check. Got a foreign trip planned and don't want to run up pricey roaming charges? Check. Struggling with patchy, intermittent coverage and want to switch to a cell phone service with more reliable reception? Check.

When you unlock phones, you can take your pick of providers rather than being continually reliant on one to meet all of your evolving needs. And compare Trafone's service with other US network providers such as T Mobile, Metropcs, Sprint, Verizon, Cricket, Cellphone, Xfinity and ATT. Learn more about how to unlock a phone from another carrier.

An unlocked Tracfone device can be used with any sim card (home or abroad), making it more affordable, more flexible, more travel-friendly and, most importantly, more you. With the power placed back in your hands, you can customize your mobile phone so it meets your own needs and not those of the network you started out with.

Take Control

Reclaim ownership.

You choose who you want your provider to be. Not the other way around.

Cut the Ties

Break free from lengthy contracts.

Prefer a SIM-only deal? Unlock your phone and find your freedom.

Save as you Travel

Make your mobile more... mobile.

Switch to local networks when going abroad and avoid costly roaming charges.

Boost your Signal

Move away from patchy or substandard coverage.

Choose the carrier that keeps you connected.

Maximize Value

Grow the resale value of your device.

Unlocked phones are worth more, which makes them a better investment.

Lower Costs

Shop around and save money.

Source lower prices and better value packages, by making the market work for you.

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Reasons to get your Tracfone phone unlocked using Mobile Unlocked

Designed by experts, powered by process

Our software makes unlocking Tracfone devices simple. There's no app to download, all you need to do is share your Tracfone phone's IMEI and our tech will get to work straightaway. Operating behind-the-scenes, our software scans hundreds of phone manufacturing databases across the globe to pinpoint the unlock code needed to free your locked Tracfone device.

It also turns your Tracfone unlock around fast. Focused and on point, your unlocked Tracfone device will be ready to use with a new SIM card in just a few hours.

It's seamless too. Everything's done online, which means you can continue to use your Tracfone device throughout. No break in service. No time-consuming trips to your Tracfone store or calls to Tracfone's service provider team. And no process-blocking forms to fill or account details to find.

Within just a few hours, your Tracfone device will be unlocked. And able to sync up with any network or carrier in the United States or internationally.

A trusted Tracfone service

Whether it's for business or personal use, your phone's a link and a lifeline. We know that. And we take that responsibility seriously. Our customers come to us (and come back to us) because they trust us to provide a professional and personal service, every time. We care and are committed to the providing the highest levels of quality because it's what we believe in. We also have a team of dedicated, customer service experts on-hand to answer any queries, provide more information, or offer support if you need it.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our customers trust us with their phones because they know we take our responsibility seriously, treating each device unlock with care and commitment. But we know that a phone’s more than just a device. It’s a link to a wider world and without it your personal and professional life is put on hold.

No admin

Once you've made the decision to unlock your phone, there's no point hanging around. Here's where we come in. We won’t waste time asking questions that don’t need answers. There are no forms to struggle with. There's no app to download. And no account details to provide. You don't even need to call your network provider to let them know. Moving to a new carrier's as simple as typing your IMEI into our webpage. One click and you're done.

Not just phones

From iPads, iPhones and Apple watches to Android tablets, cell phones and wearables, the cell phone market's packed with different devices. And we can SIM unlock them all, including prepaid and postpaid devices and phones that are still in contract.


Breeze through the unlocking process without any break in service.

100% Remote

At home, in the office, on the road, if you need to move fast to bag a deal, we’re on it.

Feel Confident

Your Cricket wireless phone stays by your side, from start to finish.

Stay Compliant

Our SIM unlock is completely legal. And doesn’t affect your warranty.

Live Tracking

Get accurate updates on progress whenever you need them.

Fast and Focused

Secure a speedy, same-day service for most devices.


Unlocking your Tracfone cell phone: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I select permanent unlock on my phone?

    To permanently unlock your phone yourself and use it with another carrier you’ll need to put in a request and follow the device unlocking process defined by your provider. You’ll also be checked to ensure you fulfil their eligibility requirements. Eligibility criteria will check to see if the contract is in good standing, fully paid and so on. The quickest and easiest way to carrier unlock your phone is to let us do it for you. All we need is your IMEI.

  • Can I unlock more than one device?

    Yes. You can SIM unlock as many devices as you want. There's no limit. Check our eligibility requirements on our order page.

  • What’s an IMEI?

    IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s a unique 15-digit number that links a device with the SIM card inside the device. The first 14 digits are defined by the GSM Association. The last digit is generated by an algorithm. Your IMEI is like your phone’s fingerprint. It’s completely unique and every phone has one. Unlike a SIM card which is linked to a user, and can be transferred from one phone to another, if unlocked, your IMEI is fixed to your device.

  • How do I find my IMEI?

    To locate your IMEI, type *#06# into your smartphone and it will appear on the screen. You can also find it by going to ‘Settings/About Phone/Status/IMEI Information’. Or by looking at the white label under your phone’s battery.

  • I’ve got a new phone but want to keep my phone number. Can you help?

    Your SIM card holds your T Mobile phone number. To use your SIM and keep your number while moving to a locked handset, you will have to unlock your new device. We can help you unlock a cell phone from other networks, such as Verizon, AT&T, Cricket, Sprint, and MetroPCS. No need to buy a new SIM card, just unlock the new device to use your SIM card and keep your phone number.

  • I don’t know what network I'm on. Can you help?

    Yes. If you’re unsure of what network your phone is locked to we can run a network check for you. Just type in your phone’s make and IMEI number (you can find this out by typing *#06# into your phone) and submit. We’ll then send you the findings of your network check report in an email.

  • Why can't I put a new SIM card in without an unlock code?

    You need to unlock your Tracfone service prior to inserting a SIM card from another network provider. This is because there's a software code applied to your phone that tells your device to connect only to a specific network. If your phone has a SIM lock on it it means you can’t get or use a signal with any other service. To come out of your active Tracfone service you need to find a way to remove that code.

  • What are unlock codes?

    Unlock codes are unique codes that ties a mobile device to a particular network.

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