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    Enter your details

    Select your Sprint phone’s model and the carrier (Sprint) it’s locked to. Then enter your IMEI to submit your request.

    Finding your IMEI number or Don’t know your carrier?

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    Make payment

    Once your payment’s been verified, we’ll process your phone unlock remotely. You can keep up-to-date with the phone unlocking process with our live tracking service.

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    Free your phone

    Confirmation of your phone unlock or unlock code will be emailed within 24 hours. Job done, you can start searching for a better deal.

African American woman with a new Sprint unlock code for her handset.

Why you should unlock your Sprint phone

Sprint may have been the right choice of provider for you once. But is it still your perfect match? The cell phone industry’s bigger than ever, with new deals appearing all the time. But if the sim card in your Sprint device is locked to the Sprint network you can’t move over to a new phone carrier. An unlocked phone’s different. Full of opportunities, here’s why you should unlock your Sprint phone.

You're in Charge

Take control.

With ownership back in your hands, you decide how to make your phone work best for you.

Cut the Ties

Say goodbye to lengthy contracts.

Want to switch to a SIM-only deal? Unlock your Sprint phone and find your freedom.

Go Global

Roam free.

Traveling abroad? Choose a local carrier and avoid additional roaming charges.

Get it Right

Choose what works for you.

Whether it’s extra data, a more flexible plan, or a better signal, find your best fit phone.

Add Value

Maximize your investment.

Phones are expensive. Get the most for your device if you plan to sell it on.

Reduce Payments

Save money with cheaper deals.

Tap into a wider market and benefit from lower prices and better value packages.

Official Sprint phone unlock logo appearing on mobile device screen.

How to activate your Sprint phone unlock

Simple service, sophisticated software

Most Sprint phones are sim unlock capable. Which means the network unlock code tying your device to a single carrier can be removed. And the easiest and quickest way to do this is through our device unlock tech.

Fully automated, everything takes place online. There’s no app to download. There are no complicated unlock eligibility requirements to meet. And no account details you need to share. You don’t even need your Sprint account number or to contact Sprint customer support. Using your IMEI (nothing else) we’ll unlock your device remotely in hours not days. Just submit your unlock request through our website, and our software will do the rest.

Trusted tech

Our device unlock process harnesses the power of technology to provide thousands of customers worldwide with a Sprint unlock service that delivers results. Every network unlock is underpinned by quality and professionalism. But, whether it's for business or personal use, we know how important your own phone is to you.

Not just cell phones

The mobile market’s evolving fast. And tablets and wearables are now just as common as cell phones when it comes to keeping connected on-the-go. Well, the good news is, we’ve got your back here too.

Our Sprint unlock service works for different types of Sprint devices, from iPads and Android tablets to Apple watches and other forms of Android-powered wearable tech. Of course, we also cover the full range of prepaid and postpaid cell phones too. Including Samsung, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, Nokia and Google as well as all of the popular iPhones.

Got more than one Sprint network device? No problem. You can device unlock as many Sprint devices as you want. To find out more, check our eligibility requirements on our order page.

How to find your phone's IMEI number

100% Remote

An online unlock from start to finish.

At home, in the office, on the road, if you need to move fast to bag a deal, we’re on it.

Smooth and Seamless

Stay connected.

Your phone stays active and functioning throughout. No break in service.

Safe and Secure

Your phone stays in good hands (yours) throughout.

No need to mail your smartphone or visit a store to process your phone unlock.


Compliance and confidence guaranteed.

Phone unlocking is a consumer right. And won’t affect your warranty.


Log in for live tracking.

Keep up-to-speed with the progress of your Spring phone unlock.

No Waiting Around

Switch carrier in hours, not days.

Our Sprint network service cuts out all the unnecessary admin.

How to unlock your Sprint phone

Simplicity is at the heart of every Sprint device we unlock.

You don't need to fill in any forms or follow a long list of instructions. Or do anything technical. (You can leave that to us.)

All you need to do is type *#06# into your smartphone keypad to find your phone's unique 15-digit IMEI number. (You can also find it by going through the 'Settings' icon on your phone's home screen.)

Take your IMEI and type it into our website and pick your phone’s model (for example, iPhone 12 Pro) and network (Sprint) from our drop-down menu.

Our software will get to work straightaway, scanning 200 plus manufacturing databases worldwide to extract the SIM unlock code needed to unlock your phone.

For all iOS devices the SIM unlock will be processed over-the-air as soon as you're connected to the internet or WIFI. Just switch your device on, with your new SIM, and the phone will automatically update and activate the unlock.

For Android devices you'll receive a code to type it into your phone. Then just remove the old SIM card and insert a new one. Easy..

Advice and guidance when you need it

Our automated process is smart and super intuitive. And makes every unlock straightforward and stress-free. But if you want more information before you commit, or have a question you want to ask, get in touch with our customer support team. Experts in their field, they're on-hand and ready to answer any queries and deliver peace of mind.


Unlock your ATT phone: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why is the unlocking process different for Android and Apple devices?

    Apple products are whitelisted. This whitelisting gives approved or authorized users or entities access to data held within its system. Through whitelisting, Mobile Unlocked can source and directly update Apple’s manufacturing database to change a phone’s status from ‘locked’ to ‘unlocked’. Doing this means you don’t have to enter an unlock code into your device to free it from the network. Simply turn on your device with the new SIM card in and it will automatically update and unlock it.

    Android devices don’t offer the same whitelisting access. Instead, we scan worldwide manufacturing databases to retrieve the unlock code. This code is emailed to you and is also included in your order tracking document. Just type the code into your phone to unlock it, insert your new SIM and you're done.

  • What is whitelisting?

    Whitelisting refers to the process that takes place when approved or authorized users or entities access data within a computer’s system.

  • Do you just unlock phones?

    No. Mobile Unlock works on tablets and wearable tech as well as phones. This means you can SIM unlock iPads, Apple Watches, and Apple iPhone devices, as well as Android tablets and Android wearable tech.

  • Can I permanently unlock my phone myself?

    To permanently unlock your Sprint wireless phone yourself and use it with another carrier you’ll need to put in a request to Sprint customer service or their team of network operators and follow the device unlocking process defined by your provider. You’ll be checked to ensure you fulfil their eligibility requirements. And have to pass a number of different identity and authorization checks. The process is a little different for deployed military personnel. The quickest and easiest way to carrier unlock your phone is to let us do it for you. All we need is your IMEI.

  • What’s the difference between GSM networks and CDMA networks?

    GSM networks are mostly accessed by mobile phone users in Europe. GSM stands for ‘Global System for Mobiles.’ CDMA networks are more common in the US. CDMA stands for ‘Code Division Multiple Access’. They're both 2G and 3G radio networks used by wireless carriers and are rapidly being overtaken by 4G and 5G Long Term Evolution (LTE) devices. These will soon make CDMA and GSM a thing of the past.

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