Get your Sprint IMEI check: 3 simple steps

  • 1
    Locate IMEI number

    Type *#06# into the smartphone keypad. The device’s 15-digit IMEI number will appear on the screen.

  • 2
    Activate IMEI search

    Enter the device IMEI number into the search box above. Press ‘Check Now’.

  • 3
    Get your personalized report

    After running comprehensive checks against your mobile device, we’ll email your report in under 2 hours.

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Son showing his mother a Sprint status check on her mobile device.

The benefits of using a Sprint device IMEI checker

A mobile phone is an investment. It’s also a daily lifeline for most people. But new phones, particularly the latest iPhones are expensive. Buying second hand makes sense in many ways, not least cost. But there are risks involved. Particularly if you don’t know the technical spec or provenance of the device.

Using a phone IMEI checker you can find out a range of essential details about a Sprint mobile before you commit to buying it. Finding out in advance if a phone is blacklisted, blocked, or locked to the Sprint USA service, saves money and hassle in the long-run.

Why choose Mobile Unlocked for your Sprint status check?


The used phone market moves quickly. And so does our Sprint status check. Find out within 2 hours all you need to know about a Sprint smartphone.


Our online IMEI check requires just one piece of information - the phone’s IMEI number. There’s no additional admin, no forms, and no questions to answer.


Using authorized access to the official IMEI database we revise and review our IMEI data daily to provide an accurate, detailed and easy-to-read report.

How our IMEI Sprint status check works

All of the information about a phone is hard coded and linked to a unique 15-digit number. An electronic serial number, an IMEI (or International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique identifier stored in a global database. Managed by the GSM Association, our software has authorized access to this Type Allocation Code (TAC) database. Using this privileged access, our software scans the information daily to locate the most up-to-date device information associated with each 15-digit IMEI.

How to locate a Sprint phone’s IMEI

To check IMEI number look in the 'Settings' menu of the Sprint smartphone, type *#06# into the Samsung smartphone keypad, or look on the sticker on your Samsung phone box.

Other popular IMEI checker solutions

Our IMEI checks aren’t just for Sprint phones. The following specialized checks provide all-round protection when buying or acquiring any used smartphone.

Want a general overview? Try our free imei checker.

iPhone status check

Get an insight into the history, condition and status of a used iPhone. Our iPhone report covers warranty, manufacturing and technical spec details, plus network lock information.

Samsung check

Designed for Samsung devices that run on an Android operating system, find out more about a Samsung mobile phone before you buy it.

Device replacement check

It’s impossible to tell if a phone has been refurbished or replaced by looking at it. A device replacement check will confirm the true condition and history of a smartphone.

Mobile carrier check

A phone that’s locked to a network comes with restrictions on its use. Find out before you buy if a device is unlocked and will accept any SIM card or if it’s locked and will need unlocking.

Blacklist check

If a device has been reported as lost or stolen or has a bad credit history and unpaid bills, it’s likely to be blacklisted. This means it’s blocked by mobile providers and won’t work on any network. Use our blacklist check to make sure it’s clean and usable before buying.

iCloud activation status check

To use most of the features on an iPhone you need an iCloud account. But a used Apple device may still be linked to the previous owner’s Apple ID. Find out if there’s an iCloud account still active on the phone before you buy it.

See our comprehensive guide on a Sprint phone unlock


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