Why are some networks and phones so expensive to unlock?

Why are some networks and phones so expensive to unlock?

06 Jun 2013

Being a phone unlocking website we're ever present on popular forums and websites where we can share our knowledge. We also have an extremely popular and highly commended customer service team, and through all of these avenues we see common questions asked a lot. One of these questions and something that causes a lot of confusion for customers is, why are some phones so expensive to unlock? They also wonder why some networks are more expensive to unlock from than others.

Well, let's answer that.

When it comes to phone unlocking, each phone has a different method of obtaining an unlock code or unlocking approval. There are different levels of checks that are made as well, which offer protection to the phone owner. For example, obtaining an HTC unlock code is quite simple to explain. The cost of obtaining the codes for HTC handsets are all the same. This is because there is a database that is used to obtain these codes from. The networks add the codes to the database, which companies like us are then able to access.

However, the processing for unlocking an iPhone is very different and can change further based on the network it is being unlocked from. Every iPhone unlocking order if processed through Apple. They update their iTunes servers so the IMEI can be registered as unlocked. There are also checks on the phone to see if it is registered as blocked - if so, we always refund the order. However, different networks can cost different amounts to unlock because there are different methods that need to be taken. These can often be complicated and very long process to complete.

Outside of the "pure" costs of unlocking the phone, you should also take into consideration the person or company you are purchasing from. We at Mobile Unlocked have a customer service team on hand to help if you run into trouble. We also have thousands of reviews all over the internet and a money back guarantee. Others may sell the codes cheaper but they don't offer the same level of service - which is why we're the chosen choice for thousands of people every month.

There are a ton of variables when it comes to phone unlocking. We completely understand that for people that don't work in the industry or unlock phones regularly, prices can seem made up, however they're not. We hope this has helped shed some light on the matter.

Article by Darren Kingman

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