Will the Cricket network unlock code free my phone?

By Fiona Mcsweeney - 01/09/22 12:27

Young woman recovering her Cricket network unlock code for free online.

Running a mobile phone can be expensive. Depending on what you use it for, where you travel with it, and how much data you use, the costs can mount up.

But for most of us they're an essential part of everyday life. And hard to live without. So you need to find a balance between affordability and functionality.

To do this it's important to be able to shop around for the most competitive deal. And to negotiate a customized package that works for you. Makes sense, right?

The problem comes when your phone is locked to one mobile carrier and can't take advantage of offers available from other providers. Or even go SIM-only if you want to.

A subsidiary of cell phone giant AT&T, Cricket provides wireless services to ten million subscribers in the United States.

Check out our comprehensive guide to unlock Cricket phone devices online.

Originally a CDMA carrier, it’s now on the same GSM network as its owner, AT&T. Which means faster speeds and better coverage for most of its users.

But that doesn't necessarily mean it's the network for you. And, if you've spotted a better deal or more tailored package you may be considering moving away from Cricket to a different carrier.

And to do this, you’ll need to SIM unlock your device.

If that scenario sounds familiar, then this guide is for you. Covering everything from the rationale behind phone locking to the best way to unlock your Cricket wireless phone, it could be the gateway to an exciting new future with your phone.

What is a SIM lock and how does it work?

A SIM lock, network lock, carrier lock or (master) subsidy lock all mean the same thing. They all mean that you can't use your phone with any other carrier other than the one you originally signed up for the phone with.

The 'lock' referred to by all of these terms is hidden away in the back-end of your device. It's a software code that tells your phone to connect only to a specific network.

It's not something you can see or amend simply by looking and fiddling around with the keypad on your phone. And that's what makes it so powerful.

Unique to each device, the lock on your device makes it incompatible with any other mobile networks. So if you've got a locked Cricket mobile device, you won't be able to use it on any other carrier's network - Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon, for example - unless you have the lock removed. And doing that can be easier said than done, without the right guidance.


Because in the same way that the lock on your Cricket phone is hidden away, the unlock code needed to remove it is just as elusive.

Why is my Cricket phone locked?

Security plays a big part in the rationale behind phone-locking. If your phone has a lock on it, it's better protected if the device is stolen or lost because someone else can't just insert a new SIM card in it and make it work. (Or so most mobile networks say.)

There is truth in that, but it's just half the story. The other side of the argument says that: If your phone is programmed to work just on one network, it eliminates all other competitors from the market. It ties customers to one carrier and, by implication, drives profits and raises retention rates.

Neither of which are particularly focused on the interests of the customer. Quite the opposite in fact! In possession of a locked phone, users have less options and, usually, higher costs.

How can I network unlock Cricket phone?

Like most things in life, seeking help is often the most effective way of solving problems. And knowing where to go for help is the key to a painless phone unlock. You can try contacting Cricket wireless support or Cricket customer service. But doing so means entering into a process crowded with questions, requirements and complications.

It also takes time. And if you want to move fast to secure a good deal or package, waiting around on-hold or for your unlock request to be acknowledged and processed could mean missing out. Which costs.

This approach is also problematic if you've acquired your Sprint phone from someone else.

Maybe you've been gifted it or bought it second hand, either way, if you're not the device's original account holder, you're unlikely to be able to answer any of the account detail questions or comply with the eligibility criteria needed to unlock a Sprint phone.

So, what's the answer?

Well, it's no big secret. In fact, it's pretty obvious really. You get someone else to do the legwork for you.

Here's where an independent, Cricket carrier unlock service comes in.

A third-party mobile phone unlocking provider has both the knowledge and the power to make the process fast and painless.

Using sophisticated software they will scan a global database of phone manufacturers worldwide to find the data and unlock code needed to unlock your Cricket mobile device and free you from the Cricket network.

If you've got an Apple iPhone, watch or iPad, you don’t need to type in a network unlock code. Instead, your Cricket unlock will automatically take place 'over-the-air' using WIFI, 3G or 4G. But if your iPhone is screen locked and you can't get past the screentime passcode, check our complete iPhone disabled guide.

You just remove your Cricket SIM card and insert the new SIM card into your device, turn it on, and it will process an update and unlock the phone at the same time.

For Android phones, you'll need to type in an unlock code which your mobile phone unlocking service provider will send you. Then tap 'unlock device' on the screen when prompted to do so.

Sounds straightforward, right? And it is. But you might ask: What do I need to do to submit the unlock request? Well, you've only got to do one thing: Provide your phone's IMEI number. That's it. Nothing else required.

Don't know the IMEI? Or even heard of it before? No problem. Here's all you need to know...

Using your IMEI to unlock your Cricket mobile device

Every mobile device has a unique, 15-digit code associated with it. This is your IMEI (or International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. Your IMEI is part of your phone's identity. And it's important because it's the one piece of data that's needed to perform your phone unlock.

Using a third-party mobile unlocking service you won't need to provide all of the account details and other information your carrier will ask for to process an unlock request.

All you need is one piece of information: The IMEI of your phone.

Three ways to find your IMEI

Your phone's IMEI isn't something you're likely to know, unless you've had reason to find it before. But that doesn't mean it's hard to find. Just the opposite, in fact. It couldn't be easier. There are three ways to locate it and each one takes just seconds.

  1. Type *#06# into your cell phone keypad.
  2. Look in the 'Settings/About Phone/Status/IMEI Information' menu on your phone.
  3. Remove the battery and look on the white label underneath.

I've found my IMEI, what do I do with it?

Now you've got your IMEI all you need to do is type it into the webform on your phone unlocking provider's website and submit your request.

So, let's recap. Using an unlocking service to free your phone means:

No awkward questions

No eligibility requirements

No break in service.

No change to your iphone's warranty.

What else has it going for it?

It's non-intrusive: Everything happens online

It's fast: There's no admin or form-filling.

It's permanent: It’s not a temporary solution.

Your questions answered

The process sounds simple because it is. As long as you have the right professional help. But what else is it useful to know? Here are answers to a few common questions:

Will unlocking my phone affect software updates?

No, your unlocked phone won’t be affected by any future software updates. In fact, in many cases unlocked phones get their updates faster than phones locked into a network. This is because the update comes directly from the manufacturer rather than through the carrier.

Why is the unlocking process different for Android and Apple devices?

Apple products are whitelisted. This whitelisting gives approved or authorized users or entities access to data held within its system. Through whitelisting, Mobile Unlocked can source and directly update Apple’s manufacturing database to change a phone’s status from ‘locked’ to ‘unlocked’. Doing this means you don’t have to enter an unlock code into your device to free it from the network. Simply turn on your device with the new SIM card in and it will automatically update and unlock it.

Android devices don’t offer the same whitelisting access. Instead, we scan worldwide manufacturing databases to retrieve the unlock code. This code is emailed to you and is also included in your order tracking document. Just type the code into your phone to unlock it, insert your new SIM and you're done.

What is whitelisting?

Whitelisting refers to the process that takes place when approved or authorized users or entities access data within a computer’s system.

Is it legal to unlock your phone?

Unlocking your phone was made legal in 2013 when President Obama passed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act in 2013.

Only half the answer

The simple answer is 'yes', there is a Cricket network unlock code that can remove the lock from Cricket phones. But that's only part of the process. The code isn't easy to find without the right support and software. And to transform your locked device into an unlocked Cricket phone you're likely to need expert help to source that code.

To do that, and to stop the process becoming prolonged and admin-heavy, it makes sense to use a third-party unlocking service. As well as providing the power and a fully automated, online process, you'll also get expert support, advice and transparency, from start to finish. Want to find out more? Contact our customer support team.

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