What is a BlackBerry MEP?

What is a BlackBerry MEP?

11 Oct 2012

This has caused some confusion amongst customers for a while and something we wanted to just inform people of before it confuses many more.

When a BlackBerry phone asks you to "Enter Network MEP Code" it is asking for the network unlock code (or MEP2), which we supply and not the MEP that is a piece of internal information inside the phone itself. This internal MEP can be used by us to find the exact unlock codes for the phone you have and should definitely not be entered in this box in an attempt to unlock it. You will only lose an unlock attempt by trying this.

The wording can be confusing, which is completely understandable (not our fault...I promise) but hopefully this helps.

There are instances when the MEP is needed to validate the BlackBerry unlock codes. This is when someone should go to this page to retrieve their BlackBerry MEP, but as I mentioned, please don't attempt to use this as the unlock code itself. This is being used by us to validate the unlock codes you have. This process should only take 5 minutes to complete and we'll then validate the codes and have them to you again in the same 5 - 25 minutes average timeframe.

If you do want to order your unlock codes, please use our BlackBerry page to find your model and click through to the page for that specific handset, where you can place your order.

Article by Darren Kingman

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