We've shaved even more off our HTC prices

We've shaved even more off our HTC prices

08 Nov 2012

Anyone who is a regular reader here or visitor to Mobile Unlocked will have recognised that we have a very good habit of lowering our prices. Over the years we've managed to bring prices for most makes of mobile phones down, with a lot of prices dropping by over 50%.

It's my pleasure to therefore blog about our latest price change for all of our HTC unlock codes. The previous full retail price was £11.99, but through some continued hard work, we've managed to shave off another pound, making it £10.99.

Nothing about our service has changed in any way shape or form. The unlock codes are still sent on average between 5 and 25 minutes and are just as reliable as ever. In fact, we've been doing even more work behind the scenes, which we're hoping makes the service even better for everyone who uses it.

If anyone has any other changes they'd like to see to the site or our service, please do get in touch. The only reason we are able to continue improving is by listening to you guys and trying to determine what changes you'll want to see. Obviously, if you were to directly tell us, that would help out a lot!

Happy unlocking.

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Article by Darren Kingman

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