Unlock iPhones through...Tim Cook?

Unlock iPhones through...Tim Cook?

27 Mar 2012

What would you do if you were having trouble unlocking your iPhone after being rejected by both customer support teams at your network and Apple? Well, one of the users of 9to5Mac told the tech site that he decided to write a letter. A letter to the CEO of Apple itself, Tim Cook.

After being asked to move from his home in America to Canada by his work, the Apple enthusiast attempted to get his iPhone unlocked so he could make calls as normal back home. But that’s where the problems began. After AT&T (his network) told him to speak to Apple, and Apple told him to speak to AT&T, he knew he had a problem. So he took it up with the big man himself.

Tim Cook didn’t exactly respond to his email directly, but through later correspondence with AT&T it was clear that the letter had indeed reached Tim Cook who had then told AT&T to unlock the gentleman’s iPhone. Just to be sure everything had happened accordingly and the iPhone had been unlocked, one of Tim Cook’s assistants later phoned the chancer directly to ensure everything went smoothly.

The moral of the story here is, if you don’t really have the time to email Apple’s CEO in order to get your iPhone unlocked (or belief that it will go anywhere anyway!), simply unlock your iPhone at Mobile Unlocked and we’ll take care of the process for you!

Source: CNET

Article by Darren Kingman

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