Unlock code vs Unlocking software

Unlock code vs Unlocking software

01 Aug 2013

As most people will already know, the most effective way of removing a network lock on a mobile phone is by using an unlock code. However, people are often surprised to find out that some phones don’t actually need or even use an unlock code to remove the SIM lock, and this is what I wanted to expand on here.

Unlock codes

The conventional and easy to understand unlock code. This is by far the most popular unlocking method and for most phones such as Samsung, BlackBerry and HTC, the only method available. The codes are found based on a search using the handset’s IMEI. This is the unique number associated with the phone and can be found by typing in *#06#. Don’t rely on finding the IMEI on the phones packaging or under the label, as this could be an old IMEI.

Once we have that, the unlock code is found and emailed over. There are various methods of entering it in the phone, but nearly all modern handsets only require you to turn them on after inserting a non-accepted SIM card and voila. The prompt to enter the code appears, you type it in and the phone is now unlocked. A simple command entered into the correct part of the phone.

Unlock codes are not dangerous to a phone at all. Some phones, like BlackBerry’s, have a set number of unlock attempts but even if all used up (which is a feat to do in itself) they can still be restored. However, entering an incorrect code will not cause the phone to change in any other way.

Unlocking software

The unknown for many people. We find that a lot of people shy away from unlocking software because they consider themselves to be a "technophobe". However, the skills required to operate software like this are basic.

Unlocking software in many cases is quicker and cheaper to purchase. This is because we can send through the files usually within the same day, often a few hours and then it is just a case of installing it and using it to unlock the phone. In contrast, unlock codes require people to run searches on databases and then send through a chain of emails and confirmations - with all of this wiped off because of the software it saves man-hours and money.

There are different types of unlocking software, so please do be careful which you purchase (often look at the reputation of the seller). Some will simply retrieve the unlock code automatically and enter it straight into the phone, causing it to unlock without any input from the phone's owner (this is what we provide) and others will attempt to change the settings on the phone itself, which will still work but could void the phones manufacturer guarantee (take a peek at your handset manual to know this).

All in all, although unlock codes often feel like the "safe" option, they can be more expensive and take longer to send through. Unlocking software doesn’t need to be feared and is often a much simpler process than it is seems.

For any questions, or if you want to enquire about the software or codes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll happily talk you through all the information you need.

Article by Darren Kingman and Image Source

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