Samsung Unlocking Prices Tumble

Samsung Unlocking Prices Tumble

19 Dec 2013

Great news, and in time for Christmas, our Samsung unlocking prices recently fell from £17.99 to £15.99! As always we've kept everything entirely the same, just managing to negotiate a better rate from our suppliers enabling us to pass those savings (and more actually!) over to you guys.

The unlocking process is again exactly the same. For the majority of Samsung owners, you'll still follow through the process of inserting a non-accepted SIM card and then typing in the code(s) we've sent you when the phone prompts you for them. The average delivery time is still 5 - 25 minutes for most models and networks.

We hope this makes it easier for people and helps save a little over a time when you're probably spending more than you should be!

Any questions about unlocking in general, please feel free to visit our FAQ - we've typed up all the knowledge we have in there so it should be useful.

Article by Darren Kingman

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