12 Jul 2012

In my mind I'm saying that title like the referee from Gladiators!

Yes, we at Mobile Unlocked have recently undergone a facelift and the redesign of the site is now live for all to see. We have slowly been making changes on the site over the last couple of months, responding to a lot of the feedback we have been getting. We changed the way people view reviews on the site, added Facebook and even lowered the prices, but this time we've gone that further yard and redesigned the whole thing. Keeping the best bits of course.

This time we've gone for the modern "app" like look, making the layout easy to digest and all the information you care about no more than a tiny scroll away. Customers familiar with the old design will also notice that we've created the search box more visible for everyone, right next to the handset drop down on the homepage. With a bit of tweaking we want to make sure people can find their phones as easily as possible, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on how well we're doing.

We'll keep aiming to get better and make the phone unlocking process as easy as it possibly can be. Please do keep hitting us with the feedback, just so we can make sure we're going in the right direction.

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