Why Unlocking a Phone Abroad Isn't A Problem

Why Unlocking a Phone Abroad Isn't A Problem

21 Feb 2014

We get asked this question quite often through our help desk and I'm hoping by answering it here it will help those who don't ask or just want a little bit of extra clarification.

The majority of the time, people have taken their phone on holiday or are planning to in the coming days and want to unlock their phone outside of the country where the phone was originally purchased. As far as the phone is conceded, this is also the same thing as someone who has received a phone originally purchased in another country. There is no problem whatsoever in unlocking a phone in these circumstances.

Let me explain why. Unlocking happens as a request on the phone itself. When you put in the request, using the unlock code or connecting it to a piece of software, the phone sees the request and removes the network lock. This happens "locally" and doesn't require a connection to any network or the Internet (unless unlocking an iPhone). Therefore, you don't need to be in the country the phone was originally purchased in.

With an iPhone we only need to recommend that someone has a connection to the internet when completing the unlocking process. This is because when we've confirmed the unlock is ready, the phone needs to be connected to iTunes so the lock can be removed. iTunes needs a connection to the Apple servers to see that your IMEI is registered as unlocked, which does require an internet connection but this of course can be done anywhere in the world.

I really hope that helps answer some questions and allows people to understand more about the processes and how phone locking works. However, if you do have any other questions, feel free to get in touch.

Article by Darren Kingman and Image Source

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