Phone contracts becoming history in Canada?

Phone contracts becoming history in Canada?

03 Jan 2013

This is the news that the Canadian Telecoms industry has recently been handed a code of conduct agreement, which aims to keep "service providers in line and better protect consumers". Implementing changes to such a broad industry is going to be the real sticking point, but we are beginning to see how consumer complaints will start to shape the mobile phone landscape, with possible changes happening to contracts and the fees associated with them.

We recently saw a similar situation in the US, where AT&T customers attempted to sue the business over unlocking their iPhones.

The change has come about by a number of pressures landing on the industry, for the most part coming from consumers, but with Liberal MP Marc Garneau making wireless contracts part of his campaign, the necessary changes are becoming more publicised. The bulk on the campaign has focused on the data, roaming and Internet charges being "unjustifiably high", with many other fees, such as phone unlocking, service charges and penalties for ending contracts being amongst the other unjust areas on contracts.

The result being that this code of conduct needs to improve transparency according to telecommunications companies like Telus, Rogers and Bell. However, with 3-year contracts being a norm in Canada, consumers want much more regulations implemented. This code of conduct will go so far, but as Garneau has mentioned this action "is kind of futile" with the preferred action being a law that is passed. Until then, it is only words.

No one knows as yet how this will go or whether or not we'll start to see changes to fees and contract periods in the UK and other countries. It is a situation worth monitoring , so we all know what to expect from phone unlocking in the future.


Article by Darren Kingman

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