Obama administration requests FCC allow unlocking

Obama administration requests FCC allow unlocking

19 Sep 2013

US citizens who want to legally unlock the phones they purchased after January 26th 2013 can finally see the light at the end of a very pointless tunnel. Through a PDF document created by NTIA, the US Government have formally requested that the phone unlocking law be changed so individuals can unlock their phones, without a potential jail sentence or fine hanging over their heads.

The PDF was put together after a petition was filed to the White House fighting against the initial law change back in January. Due to the petition receiving over 100,000 signatures, Obama's administration were forced to look at the law seriously, prompting their recent request to the FCC to change it back.

The opening statement of the PDF reads:

"…the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)respectfully petitions the Federal Communications Commission to commence a rule making to add a new section to Part 20 of the Commission’s rules and regulations. The rule sought by this petition would require a provider of certain commercial mobile services, upon request, to unlock any wireless device furnished by that provider, so that the requesting person may use that device in conjunction with another lawfully obtained commercial mobile service."

The formal document also cites the benefits of making phone unlocking legal apparent as well as arguing that the change would "plainly promote the public interest".

Owners of tablet computers will also be able to rejoice, as they certainly haven't been forgotten in the document. The unlocking rules will apply for all mobile devices that have a lockable feature. The NTIA have made that clear to the FCC, specifically pointing out the fact the "the day is long past when wireless devices are used primarily for voice communications".

No one yet knows just when the FCC will be able to implement the change, but such a damning report with many clear and well made points is likely to get the cogs working sooner rather than later.

Article by Darren Kingman and Image Source

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