The Nokia Lumia 920 can now be unlocked from EE, Orange and T-Mobile!

The Nokia Lumia 920 can now be unlocked from EE, Orange and T-Mobile!

13 Dec 2012

This is news that a lot of people have been waiting for and we are very glad to be able say we can now unlock the Nokia Lumia 920 from EE, Orange and T-Mobile. To do so, please go to our page for the Lumia 920 where you can order your unlock code from.

The service has resumed with the average delivery time of the unlock codes ranging from 4 - 18 days. This is a wide range, but it is simply because it is a new service and the time frame hasn’t yet been narrowed down to a real "average". It can also take some time for us to find the unlock codes as most have just been updated, and we don’t want to inform everyone that the codes can be found quickly when sometimes they can't.

Being a Windows phone, it is really easy to unlock the Lumia 920 once you have received the code (which we'll send by email). All you'll need to do is insert a non-accepted SIM card, like giffgaff or one from O2, then the 920 will automatically request the unlock code from you - displaying the message "Enter PIN". Once entered, you'll get a "successful" message, the phone will boot up like normal and you'll gain reception straight away.

You can use any non-accepted SIM card to do this, and your phone won't be restricted to just that SIM card once unlocked. You'll still be able to use SIM cards from the original network and also any that you can get your hands on.

As always, if you have any questions, we at Mobile Unlocked will be more than happy to help answer them. Simply get in touch and we'll respond as soon as we can.

Article by Darren Kingman

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