Mobile and Gadgets news - November 2015

Mobile and Gadgets news - November 2015

25 Nov 2015

The real smart watch from TAG Heur is here; you can now access Google Maps while offline; Windows finally releases the Lumia 950 after 3 years and Mozilla Firefox is now available on Apple devices. For these and other news, welcome to this month’s roundup of mobile technology and communication news.

Smart watches

The real smart watch, TAG Heur Connected, was unveiled at a glamorous event in New York and is a joint project with Google and Intel. With an Intel Atom processor Z34XX, 4GB memory, audio streaming, Wi-Fi, long battery life and Bluetooth capability, it will cost you £1,100 to own this smart watch.

Maps and Navigation

Google Maps for Android now allows you to download and save maps and access them when you are offline or out of network area. If you are on iOS, don’t give up because your version will be available soon.

Mobile payments

LG launches own mobile payment service. LG is now rivaling Google, Apple and Samsung although the service is currently only available in South Korea. LG customers in the rests of the world will have to wait longer to utilize this service.


It has been a long way coming, but finally the Lumia 950 Windows Phone is here. Well, the pair of Lumia 950 and 950XL might convince you that the waiting was worthwhile with their high capacity batteries, 3GB RAM, powerful cameras, 32GB memory and other impressive features.

Phone security

Just when you thought your iPhone was foolproof, Exploit Traders reports that a group of hackers has managed to hack into an iOS 9 iPhone and even installed a program to lock out the user. There is genuine reason to be worried even as Apple feigns ignorance of this occurrence.

Saving Blackberry?

Blackberry has devised a new strategy to remain in the market and it involves launching the Blackberry Priv, which is by all intents and purposes is an android phone. The soul is android but the body is Blackberry; only time will tell whether this will help the latter to remain relevant.


Finally, Mozilla Firefox has found a home in iOS phones. While android users have been enjoying the renowned browser for many years, the logistical and technical disputes that prevented Mozilla Firefox from working on Apple products are now resolved.

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