Mobile News May 2017

Mobile News May 2017

09 Jun 2017

The technology industry and market is continuously improving and introducing new products. For technology and gadget enthusiasts all over the world, it is necessary to stay up to date with all the new and upcoming releases. Here is all the hottest news about mobile phones for May 2017 :

1. Nokia 3310 (2017)

This one is sure to be a huge throwback. The 3310 was a staple for most of the 90's kids that got into cell phones in the early 2000's. With a longer than life battery and the most addictive Snake 2 game, it was no wonder that this phone sold millions of handsets all over the world. The original 3310 phone has been critically acclaimed for being indestructible because no matter what you do, you cannot break it. Nokia is announcing a newer and more ‘upgraded’ version of the bestselling phone in 2017. Is it going to be just as indestructible? No one knows as of yet. However, if one thing’s for sure, it’s that Nokia sure knows how to play on our nostalgia. All nostalgia-stricken millennials are sure to invest in this phone once it launches.

2. Essential Phone

The creator of Android, Andy Rubin, has decided to come back to the mobile phone market and has announced his newest creation: The Essential Phone. If Andy’s work on the Android is any indication, this phone is destined to be as amazing as it sounds. The phone will be priced at $690-700 which is a bit on the expensive side, but the phone itself has amazing features, top of the line specs, and is the genius behind Android himself! The coolest thing about this phone is that it has been announced that it will have a modular accessory system. In the words of the creator and his company, the modular accessory system will "keep your phone cord-free, future-proof, and always up-to-date."It is said that the device will feature magnetic panels in the back which will attach Essential’s 360-degree camera as well as the phone dock. The camera is perhaps one of the most awaited of all of the phone's specs because it is said to have dual 12-megapixel fisheye sensors with the ability to capture 4k 360 video at 30fps! Phone critics and Android enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the Essential Phone's release which is said to be in 2017. However, critics have been noticed being incredibly sceptical about its performance due to other modular phones and how they have turned out in the past. It is difficult to think that the modular technology on this particular phone will work even though others have seen multiple difficulties and faults in the past. However, Andy Rubin and co have proven themselves to have brilliant ideas and excellent execution. This phone will hopefully be a product of those features.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has made an exceptional name for itself in the smartphone and tablet department. An exceptional hit in the Samsung range are the S series and the Galaxy Note series. While the Galaxy Note series has seen and enjoyed tremendous success over the years, the Note 7 debacle left everyone disappointed. It was also a huge blow to Samsung as well! With all of those issues happening, one would think that Samsung would take a short break from the Galaxy Note line, but that is not happening! Samsung has announced the successor to the Note 7 i.e. the Galaxy Note 8. The best part? It has been announced that the Note 8 will feature a stunning 4K display! The problem? A 4K display on a small device will not do much to user experience unless the user is dedicated to watching movies and videos on the phone. If anything, this will just use up a LOT of battery. Samsung is under a lot of pressure for redeeming itself after the Note 7 issue and will now have to come up with a battery power solution that will make this Note 8 a practical device.

4. iOS update

Apple and iOS have been wowing their consumers since iOS first launched. The new iOS software update has been announced for both iPads and iPhones, and the iOS 10.3 is said to target a lot of the previous issues of its predecessors i.e. the 10.2 and the 10.1 updates. The question, however, is this: will the new software update solve issues or just bring about a lot of bugs and issues of its own? Only time can tell for sure. Loyal iPad and iPhone users are anxiously awaiting the update and hope that it will enhance their experience will Apple products. For more of the hottest technology and phone related news, follow us and keep up to date.

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