Mobile News June 2016

Mobile News June 2016

29 Jun 2016

Android phone users should be worried of the possibility of malicious malware, thanks to pervasive “Godless” apps. We reveal why iPhone 7 fans may not be all that happy after the long wait; the reason you should consider buying the new OnePlus-3 phone and why the long wait for the Android-N may soon be over. Did you know you can now delete in-built iOS apps, make calls on Wi-Fi and send text messages on Facebook Messenger? Here is our exciting serving of this month’s mobile phone news.

Malicious software

You need to be careful when downloading apps for your Android phone from popular app stores because you might inadvertently install a “Godless” app. If your device runs on Android 5.1 or an earlier version (and over 90% of Android gadgets do), you are in danger of malware infiltration as you download popular apps. This will in turn expose your device to hackers.


For those who have been waiting eagerly for the iPhone 7, disappointment may be on the way considering the new gadget will not be fundamentally different from its predecessors. Perhaps the only new spec to expect is the removal of the headphone jack, and the new device being slightly thinner than the iPhone 6S and 6.

On the other hand, the OnePlus-3 is about to hit the mobile phone devices market, and it promises to give competitors a run for their money. The annoying hype machine is gone and you can purchase the gadget directly from the firm. This device has amazing features and for only $399, it costs about half the price of comparable phones from Samsung, HTC and other tech giants.

Operating Systems

The Android-N may be coming our way earlier than we expected. There are signs already that Google is readying the launch. The company did another preview release, the fourth time it had done so. The APIs for developing apps has been finalized. Hopefully, this will be a little comforting to those who have longed for Android-N.


Have you ever felt annoyed by the many in-built iOS apps that you rarely use? First party apps often play roles that second party programs can perform better. Any attempt to delete the former is met with the warning that your system functions and Apple Watch may malfunction. The good news is that you can now do away with apps you don’t like and reinstall them when you feel like doing so. That will happen when the new iOS 10 hits the market.

Wi-Fi Calls

Now you can make phone calls via Wi-Fi thanks to AT&T .This will now apply to Android device owners. If you own the LG G4 you will be among the first people to make calls and exchange text messages using Wi-Fi connection. Since last October, iOS gadget owners have been enjoying this service and now it is the turn of other customers. The only limitation is that if you are not in Puerto Rico, US or the Virgin Islands and a few other countries, you will have to pay when you call a number locally through Wi-Fi.

Text messaging

You can now do away with your text message app and use Facebook Messenger on your Android phone for the same purpose. It means you will be able to use the funky features of Messenger when sending texts and you will not have to use multiple interfaces to chat with friends. You don’t have to worry about privacy because your text messages will not be visible to other Facebook users.

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