Mobile News July 2016

Mobile News July 2016

25 Jul 2016

It’s been a pretty busy month in the mobile marketplace in July. We have had rumours of the long awaited iPhone 7 Plus launch, which entirely contrasted the story that broke showing how millions of Apple devices could be suffering from a security vulnerability.

But by far the biggest thing to happen with regards to mobile news in July, was the launch of Pokémon Go. The interactive, virtually overlaid real-world mobile game that has taken the globe by storm.

All Things Apple

Apple hit the headlines for a couple of reasons in July. From a consumer point of view, the most important of these is a serious security vulnerability in Apple’s latest device software version, 9.3.3. It was the Cisco Talos team who first uncovered the vulnerabilities. The Talos team then went on to assist Apple in fixing the major problems with the release. The most serious vulnerability was found in the way that TIFF images are processed. Ultimately, this vulnerability could have enabled remote code execution, by forcing a buffer overflow.

On a more positive note, we saw some interesting rumours about the launch of the long awaited iPhone 7 Plus. With iOS 10 due for release in the Autumn, it is predicted that this new handset will begin shipping shortly after. Feature wise, little is known about the iPhone 7 Plus, although it is rumoured that the camera is getting a significant overhaul.

Are Smartwatches Going out of Fashion?

Apple was mentioned once again in this news piece, although fairly indirectly. Some research released by IDC, shows very clearly that smartwatch sales have declined significantly across the last year. How significantly? 55% down on previous recorded sales figures.

This means that sales of the Apple Watch took the biggest dive, as the company is the largest vendor of smartwatch technology. Indeed, the IDC research specifically states that Apple was the only company that saw a decline in sales.

The Gorilla in the Room

Is there anyone who has not dropped a smartphone only to see the glass shatter? Probably not many. Gorilla glass has helped a lot with preventing breakages in the past, but it was never really that effective at stopping the glass shattering when the phone is dropped.

But it seems this situation could soon change. Those smart folks over at Gorilla Class have developed a new version 5 product, that could prevent breakages when dropped in up to 80% of cases.

Samsung to Announce New Galaxy Note 7

As manufacturers continue to fudge the distinction between smartphones and tablets, by introducing oversized phone models, Samsung is about to get in on the act. The new Galaxy Note 7 will be officially announced on the 2nd of August in New York City.

Pokémon Go Everywhere

No other mobile gaming app has ever had such instant success as Pokémon Go. It has already surpassed every other mobile app in number of downloads, and number of active users. What makes Pokémon Go something special, is the way it overlays a virtual reality, on to the real-word around us. For those people who don’t know what Pokémon Go is (is there anyone?), the game lets smartphone and tablet users explore the world, trying to capture wild Pokémon.

Once caught, Pokémon can be trained, and also fight. Certain premium items can be purchased via micro transactions to help with catching and training Pokémon. So far, the seems no stopping this runaway success, and people can be seen all over the world walking around, phone in their hands, searching for Pokémon.

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