Mobile News – July 2015

Mobile News – July 2015

22 Jul 2015

Apple and Samsung conspire to kill the SIM Card. Apple Pay is now available in the UK. Microsoft Windows 10 free offer is a business strategy. HTC One M9+ to be ready for European buyers soon. Welcome to a summary of the latest news rocking the mobile phone gadget world.

SIM Cards

Apple and Samsung have set aside their rivalry to plot the death of the mobile SIM Card. They want to provide a software based option to the little plastic widgets that have become a permanent feature on our mobile phones. But this may not be realized until later in 2016 when negotiations with mobile carriers are completed.


Enlight, the photo editing software that has gained popularity in just four months is now available for iPad users. It retails for between $3.99 and $4.99, but those with the iPhone app will get it free.

The Cortana Android version is ready for testing after Microsoft’s promise in May.

Enhanced Gadget Updates

Users of iOS 9 can now enjoy specialized folders for selfies and screenshots, Apple News aggregated app and an enhanced security platform, among other exciting features.

Mobile transactions

Apple gadget users in the UK can now pay for goods and service using the Apple-Pay. It is not yet clear how the firm will profit from this app, but owners of iPhone, 6, 6+ or Apple Watches will care less.

News Releases

There is a strong rumor that the HTC One M9+ will be launched in Europe in the near future. However, exact dates for specific countries and the prices remain a mystery for this advanced model.


Although Instagram promised better quality pictures for its android users and has started rolling out changes, users will remain unconvinced until they get high quality photos irrespective of mobile device sizes.


The Microsoft Inc. CEO revealed that Microsoft made Windows 10 free to encourage users to develop apps that can work on Windows Phone thus boosting phone sales to rival more established competitors.

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