Mobile News February 2017

Mobile News February 2017

06 Mar 2017

The hottest upcoming phones in 2017

2017 has in store a number of astonishing and stunning mobile devices that simply cannot be ignored. With the giant smartphone companies having announced something new for their die-hard fans at the recently held MWC, rumors have already started to take the web by storm. So let us have a look at some of the latest gossip trending around our most beloved gadgets.

Galaxy S8 may ALMOST have everything you ever wished for

Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S8 was not even present at the Mobile World Conference 2017. Yet, this notoriously shady smartphone has everyone talking about what the latest tech may look like. According to the latest leaks, the S8 will not have a flat version but will definitely have a revamped screen with 4K resolution and an incredible 18.5:9 aspect ratio. Like its S7 plus predecessor, the phone will most likely have a curved screen but with a better and sharper display. In addition, it is rumored that the phone will not have the usual physical home button but will rather contain virtual on-screen buttons. According to some reports, the Samsung S8 will sport an all-new back fingerprint sensor. Also, it is expected that the S8 will have compatibility with the S Pen stylus. However, one thing that has been confirmed is the new Viv AI assistant which is much like Apple’s Siri. Viv is probably the feature to mark the S8 launch. As far as the camera is concerned, much is being talked about S8 having a dual lens camera. However, the latest leaks of the S8 do not show any signs of dual rear cameras. Quite expectedly, the phone will have a bigger price tag attached to it than its S7 ancestor, probably starting at $900.

Apple in its full glory

With so much hype going on around the S8, it is only natural for Apple to join the fun. The tech giant has its latest upcoming phone, the iPhone 8, create a lot of curiosity amongst the masses. The big news, this time however, is that the smartphone will finally be accompanied by wireless charging, although the rumor is yet to be confirmed. Nevertheless, with Apple joining the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), it is only natural to assume that iPhone 8 will most likely have over the air charging capabilities. In addition, similar to the Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 is also likely to drop its long tradition of having a physical home button, replacing it with a full-fledged virtual one. According to some other rumors, it will be having a 5.8-inch OLED screen with a 5.15 inch display. Moreover, iPhone 8 will probably have additional biometric recognition features other than the fingerprint system. The phone is said to cost more than a $1000.

An all-screen phone is what LG has been working on

Among the giants is the elegantly designed and highly futuristic phone, LG G6, whose front is almost all screen. The new look and feel of the G6 may not be all that “innovative” when compared to its predecessor, the G5. However, the aesthetics are very well done making the phone a worthy contestant against the S8 and iPhone 8. With an 18:9 display, the G6 will have a water-resistant, metal and glass body with Gorilla Glass 5 on the rear along with a dual-lens 13 MP camera.

The rebirth of HTC

HTC may have long been overshadowed by the big players. However, this time, it is planning for an ever stronger comeback with its latest phone, the HTC 10. With a 5.5 inch QHD display and an incredibly large 8GB RAM, the phone is equipped with some really great features that are likely to make HTC a must-buy.

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