Ironing out kinks with the BlackBerry Z10

Ironing out kinks with the BlackBerry Z10

07 Feb 2013

Early yesterday morning (Feb 6th) our website was updated which allowed us to start accepting orders for the BlackBerry Z10. However, soon after a few people got in touch with our customer support team, we removed the service after discovering that the unlock codes being found weren't weren't quite ready yet.

Aside from refunding those that had got in touch, we have since also provided refunds for those customers who hadn't in an attempt to take the initiative and rectify the problems.

As a note, we fully expect that once the service has been proved to us that it is able to work, we will be making the service available again, and will be immediately emailing those that we have already refunded to let them know.

We're fully aware of the demand to unlock the BlackBerry Z10, and if you want to amongst the first to know when it will be possible, please do feel free to either visit our news section (here!) to read about it. We will also be updating our Facebook and Twitter profiles with the news as soon as we can.

Our initial feeling is that is will only take a few days to iron out, and fingers crossed we can start helping every get their unlock codes as soon as possible.

Article by Darren Kingman

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