I want to switch in America

I want to switch in America

22 Feb 2012

Bloomberg have recently reported that billionaire Carlos Slim, the owner of the Straight Talk mobile carrier in America, has started showing people how to disable software on their AT&T connected iPhones, which has previously prevented them using the Straight Talk service.

It is only the Straight Talk service that this works for and allows customers to start using the prepaid service immediately. The impact of this isn’t as massive as you would expect, simply due to the fact that the parent company of Straight Talk, America Movil SAB is partly owned by AT&T.

Aimed at attracting people who have looked at purchasing a used AT&T locked iPhone in the past and who have been put put off because of the network costs, this certainly offers a workable solution. In fact, there is some discussion that this could attract people with new versions of the iPhone, as the costs appears to make more sense.

How this will all pan out is anybodies guess, but the relationships between networks and prepaid services in American certainly look to have hit some rocky waters.

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