HTC Orders Made Simple

HTC Orders Made Simple

10 Apr 2012

Some of our wonderful regular users might have realised recently that the order process for HTC handsets has been made more simple and we've managed to reduce the potential for customer mistakes. Not to mention the fact that we've also made it cheaper for everyone as well.

The old process for ordering an HTC unlock code involved selecting an option based on when the handset was first purchased. Needless to say, this wasn't always so simple for customers who has purchased their phone second-hand. There were also two different prices based on if the phone was purchased before or after 16th November 2011, which we knew we had to change.

We've now managed to completely eliminate this part of the process, so we can now supply unlock codes with no need for people to enter when the phone was first purchased. This has managed to greatly help some customers who were unsure and ended up using the wrong option. The other really good bit of news is that we've managed to now make the unlock codes the same price, matching the lower price of the two previous options for all orders.

That's just how we roll at Mobile Unlocked and we will continue to seek out possibilities where we can reduce the cost, delivery time and potential for mistakes in everything we do.

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