How Will Unlocking an iPhone 5 Work?

How Will Unlocking an iPhone 5 Work?

13 Sep 2012

So, yesterday was the big day for Apple and everyone interested in finding out just what the iPhone 5 would look like and feature. We pretty much already knew the event would be about the iPhone 5 (the press release image had the shadow of the event date showing a 5 for anyone who didn't see it) but the BIG question on everyone's lips is: just how will we be able to unlock it?

We are still yet to find out exactly simply because there are no iPhones 5's to unlock and we're still waiting for Tim Cook to get in touch (use the link Tim). But as soon as there are, we're pretty certain it will be completed through iTunes. There haven't been any major changes to suggest otherwise and this has proven the best and most reliable unlocking method on the market.

Unlocking the iPhone 5, just like any other Apple iPhone will be done by sending the request to Apple, who then update their servers that control iTunes. So when the unlock is ready and we've confirmed if for you, all you have to do is connect the phone to iTunes, the software and server then recognise your handset and remove the lock - just as instructed in our confirmation email.

Contrary to popular belief, there are no unlock code for iPhone unlocking. The official method is done through iTunes.

There will be alternative companies offering an iPhone unlocking service, but won't complete it through iTunes. Be aware that if you do this, the unlock will be temporary because as soon as you connect the phone to iTunes (and you will) the server will see that your handset should still be locked and then reapply it. So be safe - use us!

Article by Darren Kingman

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