Giff Gaff services

Giff Gaff services

20 Jun 2016

Giffgaff is an UK “virtual network” running on O2’s infrastructure. Fundamentally they are a PAYG phone Sim supplier, they don't do contracts, however they do give the client a method for utilizing their smart phone which is remarkable to the person. Whether you are a light phone user, the internet user or you always remain busy on your smart phone, Giffgaff provides you with the best packages. So why did I choose Giffgaff?

Giffgaff Rates

Lower call rates and amazing service! By using this network, you can save a ton of money. It is incredibly cheap as compared to other mobile networks. It only charges 10p/minute for calls in UK and 6p/text. Undoubtedly, Giffgaff prices are lowest among the mobile networks in UK.

Likewise, it has the least expensive mobile data rate going as you can utilize around 20 MB a day for only 20p – ideal for the occasional internet users, train timetable or keep an eye on Google Maps. Voice mail is extremely cheap at only 8p for each call regardless of to what extent you take!

Shockingly better, they have an absolute bottom MMS cost of only 16p each and – amazingly – all free phone 0800 numbers are totally free to call.

They additionally have some of the least expensive international rates. For instance, calling or messaging North America or Europe is only 8p/minute or 8p for each SMS. You can also send an MMS of unlimited length worldwide for only 24p.

Giffgaff -Monthly plans

In a case you're not a light user or you're accustomed to being on a contract, Giffgaff have monthly plans (Goodybags) to offer.

What would you get?

£5 goodybag

125 minutes of UK local calls to any network, 500 texts and 100MB of mobile internet.

£7.5 goodybag

250 minutes of UK calls and free Giffgaff-to-Giffgaff minutes, 500 MB of tetherable mobile data and unlimited text messaging.

£10 goodybag

This plan includes 1GB data, 500 minutes of UK local calls and unlimited texts.

£12 goodybag

You can pay extra £2 to 2GB data instead of 1GB data.

£15 goodybag

This plan includes 4GB data, 1,000 minutes of UK local calls and unlimited texts.

£18 goodybag

Through this plan, you can get 2000 minutes of UK local calls, 6GB data and unlimited texts.

£20 goodybag

This plan offers 2000 minutes and unlimited internet and texts.

Giffgaff mobile internet bundles

In addition to goody bags, Giffgaff have amazing internet packages extraordinarily intended for dongles, portable PCs and tablets, for example, the iPad.

£5 Gigabag

It offers 500 MB of 3g data.

£7.50 Gigabag

It offers 1GB data

Bottom line

The Free SIM comes in 3 sizes including micro, nano and standard, and you can enjoy a reward of £5 on your new Sim. In addition to that, you can get a number of smart phones through affordable packages. All in all, it is one of the best mobile networks in UK.

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