Bill now written to legalise phone unlocking in US

Bill now written to legalise phone unlocking in US

30 May 2013

We've written articles recently about the phone unlocking debate in the US and how the Obama Government agree that phone unlocking should be legal. This topic has gained intense pace since phone unlocking was made illegal for phones purchased after January 26th and a petition was signed by over 100,000 people, forcing the Government to reconsider the law.

Things have certainly gathered more pace recently, as there has now been a bill drawn up and submitted to the US Congress, cited as the Unlocking Technology Act of 2013. This bill aims to once again make phone unlocking a completely legal practise - just as it was 4 short months ago.

This is a rather embarrassing episode for those involved in making phone unlocking illegal in the first instance. has even advised phone owners that they could unlock their phone even without any concern of being prosecuted. In fact, there have been zero reports so far of anyone being charged with illegally unlocking their phone - giving credence to just how seriously everyone is currently taking the situation.

We fully expect phone unlocking to become legal once again in the states within the coming months. With it literally breaking none of the copyrights laws the original bill was set up to protect, hopefully soon common sense will prevail.

Article by Darren Kingman and Image Source

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