Mobile Unlocked Is Now More Secure with HTTPS

Mobile Unlocked Is Now More Secure with HTTPS

26 Feb 2016

We are happy to announce our certification as a secure site and our transition to HTTPS. This means that you, our customers, can have total ease of mind and an assurance that you are secure when dealing with us. Your link to us is protected from third-party interference and our communications enjoy total privacy.

Look at the top of your screen at the website URL in the address bar and what do you see?

Well, obviously our website address, but can see the padlock symbol? And can you see that the URL commences with HTTPS? (If you're using Safari as your browser, you may just have to take our word for it!) This means that our website is secure for you to use.

Here's the technical bit

The 'HTTP' stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. This is the process by which your computer exchanges data with a server and enables web pages to load onto your screen. The 'S' stands for 'Security' and assures you that this website is authentic, and that the integrity and confidentiality of any data that you share with us is protected.

HTTPS is fast replacing HTTP and becoming the standard for all bona fide websites

It was originally used to protect payment transactions, such as when you use your credit card to pay for online shopping. With recent well-publicized instances of hackers obtaining personal data, and the revelations of global mass surveillance, internet users have become increasingly concerned that their interactions with websites should be protected at all times. And if you are connected to WIFI via a public access point, your connection may be particularly susceptible to 'sniffers' looking to exploit sensitive information.

HTTPS achieves this security by encryption

You can think of this a 'secret handshake' between your computer and our website: a code which can only be read by the two of us, or a lock for which only we have the key. Nobody else can eavesdrop on or interfere with our conversation, and so-called 'man-in-the-middle' attacks are prevented. Data cannot be stolen, modified or altered by malicious third parties. You will know that you are not communicating with an imposter and that our conversation remains private.

Importantly, it ensures authentication

HTTPS shows that we have received the appropriate certification from a certificate authority, and you can be assured that your connection with this site is secure. Furthermore, you can order our services on this site knowing that your payment details are fully protected.

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