Top 10 End User Benefits Of Unlocked Cell Phones

Top 10 End User Benefits Of Unlocked Cell Phones

11 Nov 2015

When you are looking to purchase a new cell phone you have loads of options. This includes choice of the phone's platform, which is typically Android, Apple or Windows. It also includes choice of the make and model of the phone, the carrier, or the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator).

As an end user you can also choose whether to buy a locked or an unlocked phone. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but for most people unlocked phones are the better choice. To explain why, here are our top 10 end user benefits of unlocked cell phones.

1. Carrier Flexibility

Most cell phones are locked by carriers because it helps them to keep people on their network. In return they offer deals that usually bundle the cost of the phone into your monthly subscription cost. The problem is that staying with one network is rarely beneficial to you, the end user. With an unlocked phone you have complete flexibility to move between carriers whenever you want. You can change to a carrier because they offer better coverage, better service, or a better deal.

2. Use It Anywhere

One of the greatest disadvantages of a locked phone occurs when you travel. Either your phone will stop working or, more usually, you will incur expensive charges. With an unlocked phone things are much simpler - and cheaper. All you have to do when you arrive in another country is buy a local SIM card so that you pay local charges rather than expensive roaming charges. The savings when you do this can be substantial.

3. Cheaper - In The Long Run

The deals offered by carriers can look attractive on the surface - you get a brand new phone with little or no initial outlay, and only a small monthly charge. Buying an unlocked phone is completely different, though, as you will need to have the cash to cover the full cost of the phone up front. While that is not easy, as many phones cost several hundreds of dollars, you will actually save in the long run. If you add up all those monthly costs over the minimum term of the contract, and compare that figure with the upfront cost of your unlocked phone, you will almost always find that the unlocked phone is cheaper.

4. Use Your Phone Your Way

When you get a locked phone on a contract it often comes with a number of carrier-related apps pre-installed. These are usually there for the benefit of the carrier, not for you. They also often adjust the settings of your phone. Making changes to these things usually involves getting your locked phone unlocked, which can breach your contract with the carrier. With an unlocked phone, however, you have none of these worries. It will arrive with you as the phone manufacturer intended it, and you can then install your own apps and change the settings however you want them.

5. Get Coverage Everywhere

What happens when you have a locked phone and it is out of the carrier’s coverage area? Of course the answer is the phone won’t work. This can be a problem in a range of situations, including when you travel out of the country. With an unlocked phone you have options, however. In particular, you can buy another SIM – such as a local SIM if you are in a different country – to give you coverage again.

6. More Choice

When you buy a locked phone you are buying a phone that the carrier wants to sell to you. This usually means one that will be profitable for the carrier. With unlocked phones you don't have this restriction so you can buy any phone on the market. Also, you can change your phone whenever you want, whereas with a locked phone you have to wait until it is time to renew your contract.

7. Faster Phone

All those apps that we mentioned earlier that are often installed on phones by carriers cause other problems - they can slow your phone down. Given that those apps are usually installed for the benefit of the carrier and not for you, this is frustrating. You won't have that problem with an unlocked phone, so it will be faster.

8. Less Expensive If You Lose Your Phone

If you lose your phone you will be out of pocket, whatever type of phone you have. The difference is in the outcome - with a contract phone you will pay money to the carrier, but still won't have a phone. With an unlocked phone you will pay a similar amount, but at least you will have a replacement phone to use. This is because with a contract phone you will have to pay a termination fee to get out of the contract when you lose your phone. If you lose an unlocked phone all you have to do is buy a new phone.

9. Harness The Potential Of Dual Sim

If you choose an unlocked phone that has dual SIM capabilities you will experience even more benefits. Having two SIMs in your phone can be helpful if you spend a lot of time in another country, for example, or if you have coverage or usage needs that can't be met by one network.

10. Better Resale Value

We have already established that unlocked phones are often cheaper in the long run. They are also worth more when you sell them used, so you will have more money available to contribute to the purchase of your new device.

A Final Word On MVNOs

One of the ways to get the most from your unlocked phone is to use an MVNO rather than a standard network operator. You get the same high quality coverage and service, but the deals are often better, and they are more flexible.

This brings us back to that word again - flexibility. Flexibility is what you get with unlocked phones, and it is what you get with AMGOO Telecom. Find out more today about our range of unlocked phones, from low-cost options to premium designs.

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