AT&T get picky

AT&T get picky

21 Apr 2012

AT&T have been in the unlocking news lately for a variety of reasons, none of which paint them in a particular good light. We recently spoke about Apple CEO telling AT&T to unlock some iPhones after the network giant informed a customer it wasn’t their responsibility. This has now apparently caused the company to take some action in their stance on unlocking iPhones, who are now offering certain "qualifying" customers the opportunity to have theirs unlocked.

This unlocking offer began on April 8th but there are a few criteria that AT&T want iPhone owners to match before they allow an unlock. These requirements are that the owner must have a "good" account with them, meaning that there are no outstanding balances. They must also not have a current contract with the company, meaning that they have either paid a termination fee or seen through their complete term.

There are some missing bits of information here, particularly what happens if you have a family plan with the business. Overall however, it is positive news for the iPhone owners that it impacts but AT&T are certain to be picky with who they grant an unlock to and even if you match their criteria, they may still deny an unlock for you.

There is currently no word on the cost of removing the network lock, but you can always unlock your iPhone right here at Mobile Unlocked and not need to jump through hoops in order to do so.


Article by Darren Kingman

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