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Unfortunately, we do not currently have a tool available to unlock your device. Please continually check back here as we're working on adding unlocking methods for certain models. Alternatively, please like us on Facebook or contact our support team to stay up to date.

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Some testimonials

Brilliant service Written on: 24-04-2017 by byPowers363

The service was quick and delivered before the date it said. Also there are alot of high Street mobile phone shops offering the same service for 3 or 4 times the price. I would highly recommend using this service.

Great service Written on: 17-10-2017 by Nige87

I had never had to get an iPhone unlocked before and was quite nervous about using these sites as I’ve heard stories about the unlock not working. Less than one week my iPhone was unlocked and working great with my new network. Would recommend to anyone and a very reasonable price.

i would use this company again and again Written on: 27-04-2017 by Beano

needed a code for a sony z3 compact to unshackle O2 - Because it was second-hand and no account with O2, they refused to help. Read a lot of positive reviews on Giffgaff and decided to take the plunge - what a result. a code came through within 24 hours and the phone unlocked first time. Thank -you

Awesome Service in good time: Written on: 02-03-2016 by Amiyahu170

Ordered around 18:00Hrs one day and got the code mid morning the next, unlock worked first time.

I used this company to unlock my … Written on: 05-05-2017 by Lyndsay Clark

I used this company to unlock my Samsung galaxy s7 it states it will take between 1-3 days which i was happy to wait for but i received an email 2 hours after submitting my form.This is a very fast reliable service and would definitely recommend them

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How to Unlock the Kis

What is a Network Lock

A network lock, otherwise known as a SIM lock, is a control placed on the phone by the original network that sold it. They are able to do this because with the lock, they can then sell the phone for cheaper, offering the customer a better upfront deal. This lock does however stay with the phone permanently unless it is removed with an unlock code or software. Doing this is completely legal and won't impact your warranty in any way.

What Do I Receive

ZTE phones will only ever have two different types of locks placed on them by the networks. This is either a Network lock or Service Provider lock. In the email you'll receive from us, we'll have both of these codes available for you to use, depending on the type of lock that your phone has. We'll also include the instructions, so you're not stuck with just a code and no way to use it.

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This super-cheap Android smartphone is now ready for unlocking. Hooray! To receive your unlock code for the ZTE Kis, simply fill out the form below and we'll scour our network of partners to find yours. All you'll have to do then, is follow the instructions we provide to use the 3.5 inch screen of the ZTE Kis on any network. Couldn't be simpler.