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Full Permanent
Factory Unlock
We are providing unlock codes that are permanent. When you use our codes your phone will work on any network - forever. Just enter in the code or connect to iTunes by following our instructions, and permanently unlock your phone.
Fastest Turnaround
Of Delivery
Getting the right code to unlock your phone can be tricky, but we have extensive experience, so our systems are streamlined and efficient. As a result our turnaround times are the fastest in the industry.
24/7 Customer
Support Team
At Mobile Unlock we are diligent about customer support. Our team of support staff is available 24/7, and is highly trained in unlocking all makes and model of phones, including the very latest models. If you need help, a friendly phone unlocking expert is always available.
100% Money Back
We are confident that you will get the unlock code that you need, and that your phone will be permanently unlocked once it is entered. We are so confident, in fact, that we put our money where our mouth is - if we can't unlock your phone we will give you your money back.
Simple Instructions
Can you use your phone to make a phone call? If so you have the technical knowledge required to use our unlock codes. Plus we provide simple instructions that anyone can use.
High Quality
We have unlocked mobile phones in over 180 countries around the world. Over 1 million phones are now free from network restrictions because of the consistently high quality levels of service that we offer.

Some testimonials

Fantastic efficient service Written on: 25-08-2015 by jjohnson031271

I needed my iPhone 6+ unlocked and my old network refused to do it so I gave MobileUnlocked a go, I was a bit wary at first but after chatting online and the advisor giving me step by step instructions, the unlock was extremely quick, easy, efficient and well within the time limits giving. Definitely a 5 star + service and will absolutely recommend to family and friends Smiley Very Happy

Awesome service Written on: 25-03-2016 by JoslynRobb

I am very happy with your service. I had never used you guys before so I was skeptical at first and very worried about the security of my card. I am so glad this process was so easy.

Samsung S3 Unlock Written on: 10-08-2016 by ShelbyMcCartney

Excellent Service. Followed instructions accompanying the unlock code for a Samsung S3 mini and phone unlocked first go no problem. Worked straight away with new SIM. A little more expensive than some services I have seen advertised but well worth the extra in my opinion

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Written on: 23-04-2016 by Csacsi75

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ( Galaxy7 Edge was locked to Uk Vodafone ) Second time used their service. What else can I say ... same ultra fast and professional service just as before! cThe codes are received with in 24hrs ! Quick online chat and undersandeable answers and less than one minute to complete my order + easy to do websurface! Cheers guys ! Csaba

Excellent Service Written on: 30-01-2016 by --

I requested an unlocking on Monday and the whole process was completed by lunchtime on Friday. My phone was locked to Vodaphone and I could have done the unlock through them but as I didn't have the original SIM card I would have had to put in a new one and then wait for thirty days before making the unlock request. Mobile Unlocked service was simple, user-friendly and worked first time. Would highly recommend this service. Excellent value for money.

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HTC Corporation is the Taiwanese manufacturer responsible for a number of extremely popular smartphones and tablets. It was founded in 1997 and remains headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan. From its humble beginnings to being name “Device Manufacturer of the year, 2011” by the GSM association, HTC has grown to be one of the leading contenders in the smartphone market. HTC started out designing and making mobile phones and PDAs based on the Windows Mobile Operating System, then selling them to companies who were willing to pay for customised products. However in 2009 they began releasing their own models using the Android OS. Peter Chou and Cher Wang founded HTC back in 1997 as a manufacturer of notebook computers. It was a year later when they began designing some of the world’s first wireless, and often touchscreen, hand held devices. HTC is now ranked in the top 100 of the Interbrand “Best Global Brand Report, 2011”. They are widely credited with creating the first ever windows and Android mobile phones. In 2009 they launched the brand tagline “quietly brilliant” and also unveiled its first ever global advertising campaign. In 2010 HTC sold 24.6 million handsets and its revenue for last year topped 6.75 billion dollars. As a company, HTC have done amazingly well in recent times. They are one of the most popular phone brands on the market today, with many of their leading phones also being amongst the most popular that we unlock. One of their best masterstrokes has to be offering Beats Audio technology built into their phones, which has really caught the imagination of a new audience. HTC phones are very reliable at telling us when they are locked. If you are unsure, simply insert a non-accepted SIM card (one that isn't from the original network) and if the phone prompts you with a Network Locked message, you can be sure the phone is locked. Unlike other handsets that can have various different types of locks placed on them, HTC will only ever have the one. This means that HTC phones only require 1 unlock code, which can be used to remove the lock stopping you from using the SIM card you want to use.

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