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Why unlock your iPhone Mobile Unlocked?

Mobile Unlocked’s recommended unlocking method is guaranteed to unlock your iPhone from any carrier. With our service, your iPhone is unlocked quickly and permanently by Whitelisting the IMEI in Apple’s Database, creating an official iPhone unlock.

As our service is completely remote, you can even use your phone during the unlocking process; you’ll only need to restart your phone once the unlock has been completed. Any further software updates to your iPhone will not affect your unlock.

Taking your iPhone to a store to be unlocked can be time-consuming and expensive. With Mobile Unlocked, you can have your phone unlocked from any carrier safely and quickly in the comfort of your own home without your phone ever having to leave your side.


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Our unlocking service options

Depending on the model and network combination you select on the unlocking form you might be presented with the following service options:

Pre-order Unlocking

Pre-order Unlocking

If you don’t know the contract status / history of the phone then this service is for you.*

Get Started

*There may be an additional unlocking fee to pay when using this service.

Standard Unlocking

Standard Unlocking

If you are the original owner or are fully aware of the phones history / contract status, then please use this service.*

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*Please see our terms and conditions for our standard service refund policy.

Premium Unlocking

Premium Unlocking

If you don’t know the contract status / history or if the details of the phone are correct then this service is for you.

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iPhone Unlock FAQ

  • How do you unlock an iPhone?

    Unlocking your iPhone with Mobile Unlocked couldn’t be easier, all we need to complete your unlock is your iPhone’s IMEI number and the carrier that the iPhone is currently locked to. With this information we will complete your iPhone unlock by Whitelisting your IMEI in Apple’s Database.

  • What Do I Need to Unlock an iPhone?

    All you will need to unlock your iPhone is your phone and a Wi-Fi connection. It’s worth finding out your phone’s IMEI number beforehand to save time.

  • What is an IMEI number?

    IMEI, or ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’, is a unique 15 or 17-digit number found on phones to identify them from other hand sets.

    There are 3 ways for you to discover the IMEI code for your phone:

    1. On the dialling keypad, type in ‘*#06#’. The IMEI number should appear.

    2. In the iPhone settings menu, go to Settings, General, About. The number should appear here.

    3. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and click the Information page. Here you will see a list of information about your phone, including the IMEI number.

  • Is it legal to unlock an Phone?

    It is totally legal to unlock your iPhone, you wont be breaking any laws by doing so. Our unlocking method is recommended by carriers themselves.

  • What Happens if I Still Have a Contract?

    You can still unlock your iPhone even if you still have a contract, but you will need to finish paying your contract with your chosen carrier until it is fully paid off.

  • What is ‘Jailbreaking’?

    ‘Jailbreaking’ a phone is an unofficial type of hack to unlock the iPhone. When an iPhone is unlocked in this way it can then be used in unapproved ways, giving the user unrestricted access. The iPhone is the phone most commonly used with the term jailbreaking, as it is known to be one of the most ‘locked-down’ phones available.

    This is because Apple wants its users to download safe, reliable apps and features. Jailbreaking is not usually recommended due to safety concerns and the increase in stability issues.

    There is no guarantee jailbreaking your phone will work and there are many scams out there that will either waste your money, or possibly render your phone as unusable. Your warranty can also be cancelled if you use this sort of unofficial method to unlock your phone. Jailbreaking to unlock your iPhone is also not a permanent solution.

  • What Does ‘Blacklisted’ Mean?

    An iPhone that has been blacklisted is usually blocked due to being reported lost or stolen. A phone can also be blacklisted when a bill has been unpaid. This means that the device will no longer work with any SIM card.