Get your blacklist IMEI check: 3 simple steps

  • 1
    Locate IMEI number

    Type *#06# into the smartphone keypad. The device’s 15-digit IMEI number will appear on the screen.

  • 2
    Activate IMEI search

    Enter the device IMEI number into the search box above. Press ‘Check Now’.

  • 3
    Get your personalized report

    After running comprehensive checks against your mobile device, we’ll email your report in under 2 hours.

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The benefits of using a phone blacklist checker

The used phone market is a bargain-hunter’s dream. But it can also be a source of disappointment without the right due diligence checks. Some phones have unpaid bills logged against them. Others have been registered as lost or stolen. All of these circumstances result in a phone being blocked or blacklisted.

Buying a blacklisted device is the biggest risk to buyers of used phones because it renders a mobile phone unusable. Effectively blocked by all phone operators, a blacklisted phone will have a barred IMEI number. This means it can’t make or receive calls, send messages or receive text messages, connect to the internet, or use mobile data. A blacklist status is also very hard, if not impossible, to eradicate once it’s been applied.

In short, buying a blacklisted device is bad news. Which is why you should always first check blacklisted status. Carried out before you buy a used phone - or if you’ve acquired a secondhand device - an IMEI blacklist status check eliminates the risk and worry of wasting money on a device that you won’t be able to use. Or, worse, the risk of being associated with (and possibly responsible for) a stolen device or one with outstanding payments.

Why choose Mobile Unlocked for your iPhone blacklist check or Android blacklist check?

Fast, accurate, comprehensive and confidential, blacklist check supports all manufacturers and any phone model.

One Click

Find out if a phone’s blacklisted, fast. All you have to do is enter IMEI and click. Our software gets to work straightaway to complete the phone check you need to buy with 100% confidence.

Simple Process

Whether you’ve got an iPhone or Android phone, our process works in the same, simple way for all phone models. No additional information needed. No admin, no forms to fill in, no questions to answer.

Full Report

Using data that’s revised and reviewed daily, our software uses the IMEI to create a detailed, accurate and easy-to-digest report which will be emailed to you in under 2 hours.

How our IMEI blacklist check works

Our software has authorized access to the database where all IMEI numbers are stored. Using this access it sources the IMEI and extracts all of the relevant device data associated with it.

How to find your IMEI

The easiest way to find an IMEI is to type *#06# into the keypad of the device.

Other popular IMEI checker solutions

Our extended range of specialized IMEI services cover all of the main issues related to buying or acquiring a used smartphone.

Guide to IMEI checks

Read our full guide on all types of IMEI check.

IMEI check guide

iPhone status check

Find out about purchase date, manufacturing history, network lock, warranty status and technical spec. Also includes a report on Apple’s ‘Find My’ tracking app.

Samsung check

Our Samsung check report covers SIM lock status, manufacturing history and device specification details. A warranty check is also provided.

Device replacement check

Bought new, refurbished, or replaced by a manufacturer? Our device replacement check explores the full provenance of a phone.

Mobile carrier check

Is a device locked to a network and, if so, what one? Find out if there’s a SIM lock in place before you buy.

iCloud activation status check

A used phone may be locked to the previous owner’s Apple ID account. Find out if there’s an iCloud account registered to the phone before you buy it.

Want a general overview? Try our free imei checker.

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