There are instances where the unlock may not be working and we are here to help you all the way through finding the issue and resolving it. Please contact us if your unlock code does not work with the information below:

  • your order reference number
  • the make and model of your phone
  • the network and country it is locked to
  • the network you want to use with the phone
  • the 15 or 17 digit number that appears when you type *#06# on the phone
  • the message that appeared on the screen before entering the unlock code
  • how you entered the unlock code
  • the message that appeared on the screen after entering the unlock code

Please be aware that we will not just refund an order immediately. Our aim is to help you unlock the phone which we will do by analysing the problem and suggesting any viable alternative solutions. Only if we are unable to do so will we then refund your order.