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Why is unlocking an O2 phone important?

Taking the simple step to unlock your O2 phone makes sense for a number of reasons. Here are our top 6:


Take back ownership.

Put the power back into your hands so you control your phone, not your network.


Create your perfect package.

Don’t compromise. Make your phone work for you, not your provider.


Go further for less.

Take your phone abroad and use local SIM cards to keep costs low.


Benefit from more choice.

With a wider selection, you can pick the provider with the right deal for you.

Cash in Hand

Boost the value of your phone.

Thinking of selling your device? Removing the SIM lock raises its value.

Future Savings

Reduce ongoing costs.

Don’t get tied into long contracts. Go SIM-only or switch to a cheaper deal when you see it.

Entering a passcode O2 unlock code on an iPhone

Reasons to use Mobile Unlocked to unlock your O2 phone

You’ve decided to unlock your O2 phone (good decision!). But you can’t do it alone. Here’s how (and why) Mobile Unlocked's unlocking service can help.


Permanently unlock your phone from home.

With no store visits and no need to post, our online service is convenient and simple.


Keep using your phone.

There’s no break in service thanks to our 100% remote process.


Stay protected.

Unlocking phones doesn't impact the warranty on your device.


Relax, you’re in good hands.

Our software is fully authorised, with approved access to over 200 manufacturing databases.


Monitor progress in real time.

Live tracking means you can get updates whenever you need them.


See results, the same day.

Our process is optimised to produce results within 24 hours (usually quicker).

How to unlock a phone to any network

The SIM lock on your O2 device exists as a behind-the-scenes software code. Which means, you can’t remove it yourself simply by going into the ‘Setting’s menu of your device. Instead, the code that identifies it as being locked needs to be amended directly in O2’s device manufacturer database.

Here’s where we come in.

Our software whitelists the IMEI attached to the device through direct access to the manufacturers database. In short, we locate the device, and remove the lock. Sounds simple, right? But how does it do that?

Simple. The answer lies in one number. Or rather a series of 15 digits. Also known as your phone’s IMEI number, this 15-digit code is a form of unique ID for your phone.

Using that number, our software can identify your device and process the unlock.

All you need to do is share the IMEI number of your device with us and we’ll do the rest.

Don’t know your IMEI? (Don’t worry, we’ve been there!). The good news is, your IMEI is easy to locate. Just type *#06# into your smartphone keypad. Or go through the ‘Settings' menu. Any problems and you’ll find it under the battery or on your SIM card.

So what’s next? Well, there’s no single master code to unlock any phone. The stage that follows depends on the type of O2 device you have. iPhones, for example, unlock automatically over-the-air using WIFI/3G/4G or a mobile hotspot. Just wait for confirmation that this has taken place, turn on your device with the new SIM card in and it will update and unlock automatically.

Android devices work slightly differently. Instead, you’ll receive an unlocking code by email which you need to type into your device. Then insert a new SIM and you’re good to go.

Find out more about unlocking your O2 phone

Is my O2 phone locked?

Read our phone unlock code guide.

It’s hard to tell at first-view if your O2 device is locked. The majority of phones acquired through a payment plan with one network (such as O2) are usually locked to that network for a certain period of time. If you’re unsure if your phone is locked or unlocked, here’s how to find out:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu in your phone. You will probably find the information saved in the ‘General’, ‘About’ section under a field called “Network Provider Lock”.
  2. Insert a SIM card from a different provider (not O2) and see if you get a mobile signal. If you do, it’s likely the phone is unlocked. If you don’t, it’s likely to be locked. Messages such as: 'incompatible sim', 'enter subsidy PIN' or 'enter network unlock code', imply the device is locked.

Can I unlock any type of O2 phone?

With us, there are no restrictions around the make or model of O2 phone you can unlock. Both Android and Apple devices (iPhones and iPads) qualify equally. And if you’re using Mobile Unlocked, the process is the same for both - just enter your IMEI and press ‘submit’.

The process isn’t quite so straightforward when you go through the mobile operator instead.

There are often different criteria depending on the type of phone, contract, plan and duration. Corporate and business devices may also work differently.

How do I unlock as an O2 pay monthly phone customer?

Using Mobile Unlocked your contract to O2 doesn’t factor. We follow the same process for all phones: Share your IMEI number and we’ll pick up from there. But, remember, while we can absolutely unlock your phone if you’re still in contract, the conditions of your contract will still apply.

How do I unlock as a pay-as-you-go customer?

Pay-as-you-go or flex plan, our approach is the same. Provide your IMEI number and leave the rest to us.

But if you’ve decided to try and unlock a phone using O2 there are more hoops to jump through. These could range from a list of questions to answer to forms to fill in and checks to complete. It’s worth checking with them to establish what these might be.

Either way, you’ll probably need to fill in a form to request a Network Unlock Code. And wait anything between 72 hours and 10 working days for the request to be processed.

How do I unlock a secondhand O2 phone?

Lots of people are opting for used phones these days because they’re a cheaper option in the long run. Our service works just as well for used phones as it does new phones. The only requirement is that the phone isn’t blacklisted (registered as lost or stolen or logged with unpaid bills against it).

TIP: If you’re buying a used device, it’s always a good idea to check its provenance and status before you commit. Our blacklist IMEI check scans official databases for all devices reported as lost or stolen. So you can buy with peace of mind and know you’re making the right investment before you hand over your cash.

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Unlock your O2 phone: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Will unlocking my phone affect software updates?

    No, your unlocked phone won’t be affected by any future software updates. In fact, in many cases unlocked phones get their updates faster than phones locked into a network. This is because the update comes directly from the manufacturer rather than through the carrier.

  • How long will my phone stay unlocked for?

    Our unlocking solution is permanent.

  • I’ve got a new phone but want to keep my phone number. Can you help?

    Your SIM card holds your phone number. To use your SIM and keep your number while moving to a locked handset, you will have to unlock your new device. We can help you unlock a cell phone from other networks, such as T Mobile, EE and O2. No need to buy a new SIM card, just unlock the new device to use your SIM card and keep your phone number.

  • I don’t know what network I'm on. Can you help?

    Yes. If you’re unsure of what network your phone is locked to we can run a network check for you. Just type in your phone’s make and IMEI number (you can find this out by typing *#06# into your phone) and submit. We’ll then send you the findings of your network check report in an email.

  • Is it legal to unlock your phone?

    Yes. In 2002 an Ofcom review made unlocking a legal and legitimate practice.

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Thank you MobileUnlocked! This was a much cheaper alternative to buying a new iPhone Pro Max! It couldn’t have been easier to unlock with MobileUnlocked, all I had to do was provide my imei number (it’s so simple and they clearly show you how to do this) and that was that. Amazing service – 100% would recommend!

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MobileUnlocked are such a fantastic company! They don’t overcomplicate or overcharge, and their staff were both friendly and informative. My phone was successfully unlocked within hours, saving me both time and money. Highly recommend.

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I can’t fault my experience with MobileUnlocked. I followed the clear and simple instructions on their website and my request was carried out the following morning. The service couldn’t have been easier, and the instructions couldn’t have been clearer. My phone is now unlocked and I can’t recommend this company enough.

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Unlocked iPhone 6

Despite my phone being an older model, MobileUnlocked were still able to unlock it. The instructions were clear and simple, and my iPhone 6 was unlocked in no time (making me a huge saving!). Thank you MobileUnlocked! Highly recommend.