For some phones we do have a software available, which can be used to unlock the phone. Currently, this option is only available for some Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets and on certain networks. We've compiled a short list of error messages that may appear and the solution that can be easily followed to overcome them.

Nokia Software

The most common problems that customers have when using the Nokia unlocking software are the error messages "Upload job failed" and "Server not found". These usually occur when the originally downloaded file hasn't been extracted properly.

In our instructions, which we send with all orders, we inform customers that the best thing to do is once the downloaded file is saved to the computer, to right-click it and select "Extract All". This should be done to the computers Desktop. Once that is selected a new folder will appear on the Desktop labelled "nokiaunlocksoftware". This is the folder that you want to use.

Within that folder you will find the Sl3Logger.exe application. If you open that file you will be able to use your individual login details and overcome the error message with ease.

Alternatively you might be seeing the error message "Phone not connected". There is a solution that has worked for a number of people. Simply go to PC suite>settings>manage connections> and check only Serial cable (CA-42).

If you continue to see the error message after attempting both solution we require 2 screen-shots so we can attempt to help as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please send us 1 screen-shot of the error message as it appears and also 1 screen-shot of the computers desktop with no windows open.

Sony Ericsson

Cannot find hiptop.dll. This is a problem we've only seen a handful of times but a problem that can be easily resolved by following the steps below:

Step 1. Disable your Anti Virus software (this is important to do, but you can enable it as soon as you have unlocked your Xperia handset and uninstalled the software)
Step 2. In the Multi Unlock Client folder (usually in your C:\Program Files\ folder) start Updater.exe - this will update and run a new version of the unlock client
Step 3. While the Multi Unlock Client is running, ensure that the necessary drivers are installed
Step 4. Use the Multi Unlock Client software to unlock your phone
Step 5. Once your phone is unlocked, uninstall the software and then re-enable your antivirus software

If you have any other issues using either software, please make sure you have followed all the steps on the page supplied in the email and have also installed the latest drivers. For anything else please don't hesitate to get in touch.