Get your IMEI iPhone check: 3 simple steps

  • 1
    Locate IMEI number

    Type *#06# into the smartphone keypad. The device’s 15-digit IMEI number will appear on the screen.

  • 2
    Activate IMEI search

    Enter the device IMEI number into the search box above. Press ‘Check Now’.

  • 3
    Get your personalized report

    After running comprehensive checks against your mobile device, we’ll email your report in under 2 hours.

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The benefits of an IMEI iPhone check

iPhones are an investment. Even used devices come at a high price. So it’s important to check that what you’re paying for matches up with your expectations. An IMEI iPhone check digs deep into each phone’s DNA to find out everything you need to know to make sure your money’s being well spent.

What’s included?

Our iPhone IMEI check report includes everything from simlock status and manufacturing details to warranty and network info. It also looks to see if the iPhone’s ‘Find My iPhone’ activation lock is enabled.

If you’ve inherited a device, an IMEI (or international mobile equipment identity) check is also an easy way of getting to know your new phone better.

See our complete guide on how to unlock an iPhone from its carrier network.

Why choose Mobile Unlocked for your IMEI iPhone check?

Fast, straightforward and accurate, our IMEI iPhone check is designed with your mobile purchase in mind.

Move Quickly

If you’ve spotted a bargain, you’ll need to move quickly. Our online iPhone IMEI check works at speed to source and share the information you need in under 2 hours.

See at-a-glance

Whether it’s an iPhone 11, iPhone 12, an older or newer Apple device, our IMEI (international mobile equipment identity) check works in the same straightforward and simple way for all models. Just type in your IMEI iPhone number and let our software do the rest. No support forms or extra admin. With all the information presented in a clear and comprehensive report you can see at-a-glance whether or not it’s a good deal or a dead end.

Feel confident

Using your IMEI our system checks only the very latest real-time data to ensure your report is as accurate and detailed as possible.

How our iPhone IMEI check works

An IMEI number holds unique information about a device; from the device model, make and mobile network to the technical features and specifications. This information is hard coded into the IMEI which is then stored centrally in a Type Allocation Code (TAC) database. Maintained by the GSM Association (or the ‘GSMA'), the TAC database represents the mobile network industry and its operators. Updated regularly, it captures the IMEI numbers of millions of mobile devices, globally.

Using authorized access to this IMEI database, our software scans the information to locate the 15-digit ID and extract all available device data. To ensure the most up-to-date and accurate results, the data we extract is revised and refreshed daily.

Other popular IMEI checks

Our extended range of advanced IMEI services caters for everything from blacklisted devices to network locked mobiles.

Guide to IMEI checks

Read our comprehensive guide on all types of IMEI check.

IMEI check

Samsung check

Find out if a used Samsung phone is locked to a carrier, if it’s still in warranty and if its technical spec matches your expectations.

Device replacement check

Use an IMEI to uncover the condition and history of a phone. See if it was bought new,has been refurbished, or is a replacement device supplied by the manufacturer.

Carrier check

Is a device locked to a specific mobile network and, if so, which one? Answers to these questions could mean the difference between a phone you can use and one you can’t.

Blacklist check

Uncover a phone’s past life. Make sure it’s not blocked due to unpaid bills, theft or loss. A blacklisted phone’s an unusable phone, so make sure it’s clean before you commit.

iCloud activation status check

If you’re buying a used Apple iPhone or iPad, some Apple ID features could stop you from using the device or being able to open iTunes. Check if there’s a locked iCloud account or ‘Find My’ feature linked to the phone.


IMEI iPhone check: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find my iPhone IMEI number?

    There are a few ways to find the IMEI number of a phone:

    • Type *#06# into your smartphone keypad.
    • Go to your phone settings app and then to: About Phone/Status/IMEI Information
    • Remove the battery and look for the IMEI number printed on the white label underneath
    • Insert a new SIM card into the SIM tray and see if it produces a signal
    • Use iTunes. Click 'phone number' when you see the phone icon.

  • Do I need to download an iPhone IMEI check app?

    No, app, apple registration or apple support follow-up required. Just submit the information online.

  • Is the IMEI the same as a serial number?

    The iPhone's IMEI number is different from an iPhone serial number check. While the IMEI is used to identify an individual handset, the serial number is used by manufacturers to track products.

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