Get your device replacement IMEI check: 3 simple steps

  • 1
    Locate IMEI number

    Type *#06# into the smartphone keypad. The device’s 15-digit IMEI number will appear on the screen.

  • 2
    Activate IMEI search

    Enter the device IMEI number into the search box above. Press ‘Check Now’.

  • 3
    Get your personalized report

    After running comprehensive checks against your mobile device, we’ll email your report in under 2 hours.

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The benefits of a device replacement check

New smartphones, particularly the latest iPhone models, don’t come cheap. And buying from a private or independent trader can be a good way of getting a new mobile at a lower price. But it doesn’t offer any guarantees. While the phone may look brand new, and come boxed with all the relevant instructions and accessories, the history of the device may tell a different story.

Refurbished models or replacement devices supplied by a manufacturer can look indistinguishable from brand new phones. Of course, the device performance and reliability of refurbished and replacement devices may be equivalent to brand new devices. But there’s no guarantee. It’s also not the only consideration. Buying a refurbished or replacement device may impact insurance costs and resale value.

A device replacement check is like a phone health check. It gives you peace of mind and the facts you need to make the right decision about a phone purchase and its future use.

Why choose Mobile Unlocked for your IMEI device replacement check?

Balancing speed and simplicity with accuracy and insight, our online IMEI device replacement check is an easy way to discover more about a phone’s condition and provenance.

Find out fast

The market for mobile phones is buoyant. So if you’ve spotted a device you want, you’ll have to move quickly to secure it before someone else does. With our online IMEI device replacement check you can find out in a click if the device is worth your time and your money. Or if it’s not quite what you thought it would be.

Get the full picture

With our simple, standardized process - whatever the make or model of the device you want to check - you get all the info you need with minimal fuss. There’s no admin to organize or form to complete. Just provide the device’s IMEI number online and wait for your device replacement report to arrive. With all the information presented clearly and concisely, you can assess the status and condition of the device at-a-glance. And make your decision based on the facts.

Feel confident

Our software sources the most accurate, up-to-date data to ensure your IMEI device replacement report reflects the latest information available. It does this by regularly reviewing and revising device information and specification details.

How our device replacement IMEI check works

We source accurate information about a mobile device using its unique IMEI number. A 15-digit code, an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number has hard-coded information about a device linked to it. Each IMEI is stored centrally in a Type Allocation Code (TAC) database managed by the GSM Association. Our software uses authorized access to this database to locate the relevant 15-digit IMEI. Once found it then extracts all available device data associated with it. This includes determining whether or not a replacement device was supplied. To ensure the most accurate results, we review and revise device information and specification details daily.

All you need is a Wi-Fi or internet connection. We'll sort the rest.

Don’t know how to find the IMEI?

To check IMEI number look in the 'Settings', 'About' menu of the device, type *#06# into the keypad, look under the battery, one the SIM card or on the sticker on your phone box.

Other popular IMEI checker solutions

Mobile phones are complex machines. They can also have equally complex user histories. This means there are a lot of factors to consider if you’re buying one device or multiple devices. To cover all eventualities we have an extended range of advanced IMEI services to help you buy with confidence.

Guide to IMEI checks

Read our completed guide on IMEI checks.

IMEI phone check

iPhone check

Find out if an iPhone is locked to a network, get more information about its manufacturing history, see if it’s in warranty and, if so, for how long. Plus, establish whether or not the ‘Find My iPhone’ activation lock is enabled.

Samsung check

Designed for an Android phone manufactured by Samsung, our Samsung check establishes if a Samsung used phone has a sim lock in place that restricts its usage to one network. The report also includes information about its warranty period, alongside its technical specifications.

Carrier check

If a phone is locked to a specific network, you won’t be able to get a signal, send texts or make calls if you insert a SIM card from a different carrier. With our carrier check you can find out before you buy if it’s network locked in place and, if so, which network it’s locked to.

Blacklist check

If a phone has unpaid bills against it or has been registered as stolen or lost, it will be included on a blacklisted device database. This means the mobile has been blocked and can’t be used. Once you’ve bought a blacklisted device there’s not much you can do to reverse its status. Make sure it’s clean ahead of any purchase with a blacklist check.

iCloud activation status check

Apple devices come packed with unique security features designed to protect the phone and the user’s data. But they can prove problematic if the account those features are linked to isn’t yours. This is a risk when buying a used Apple iPhone or iPad. Reduce this risk by checking to see if there's a locked iCloud account or activated ‘Find My’ feature linked to the phone before you buy it.

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