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Why unlock Samsung S4 with Mobile Unlocked?

Mobile Unlocked uses your Samsung S4 IMEI number to scan Samsung databases to retrieve your Samsung S4 unlock code, which is the safest method of unlocking your Galaxy S4. As carriers and phone manufacturers use this method themselves, you can feel confident in knowing that our service is safe and legal and will not void your warranty.

Even if you are still under contract with your carrier provider, you can still unlock your Samsung S4 with us so that it is carrier free. This is great for taking your phone abroad, allowing you to switch to a local SIM instantly and save on unwanted roaming charges. Unlocking your Samsung S4 will also add value to your phone if you decide to sell it.

If you’re looking for a quick solution to unlock your Samsung S4, Mobile Unlocked provide a fast and efficient unlocking service. As soon as we receive your details and payment, we aim to get your Samsung S4 unlock code within 24 hours. This is then sent to you with easy to follow instructions to unlock your Samsung S4 remotely. There is no need to download software or apps as our Samsung S4 unlocking service is all done through Wi-Fi or your 3G/4G connection.




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Samsung S4 Unlock FAQ

  • Why is my Samsung S4 locked?

    Usually when you take out a phone contract for a new phone the carrier provider will lock the Samsung S4 so that you can only use this on their carrier. The reason for this is to offer phones at a discount in exchange to pay for the contract. However, when your contract is finished your Samsung S4 is still locked down to the carrier, meaning you can only use a SIM card with the same carrier provider.

  • How do I know which carrier my Samsung S4 is locked to?

    It is important to know which carrier your Samsung S4 is locked to. If you are unsure, please use our carrier check tool to instantly find this out to avoid giving us wrong information.

  • Will my Samsung S4 be unlocked permanently?

    Yes. Once you have unlocked your Samsung S4 with Mobile Unlocked your phone will be unlocked permanently, even through future software updates.

  • Can unlocking my phone damage it?

    No. Unlocking your Samsung S4 with Mobile Unlocked will not damage it. Your Samsung S4 will still be in warranty as we unlock your Samsung S4 phone via IMEI, a safe and legal service to unlock your Samsung S4 with the unlock code, which is recommended by the carrier providers themselves.

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