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Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6

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Unfortunately, we do not currently have a tool available to unlock your device. Please continually check back here as we're working on adding unlocking methods for certain models. Alternatively, please like us on Facebook or contact our support team to stay up to date.

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Some testimonials

Brilliant... Written on: 28-04-2016 by PeterVMac

Wasted a fiver on another unlock site. MobileUnlocked took exactly 4 minutes to turnaround my code - In fact I logged into the tracker to make sure they had got my payment and hey presto the code was already sitting there waiting for me. Don't bother with anyone else. They do what they say on their frontpage!

excellent Written on: 01-02-2016 by dpembo

Unlocked first time within 24 hours and zero issues.

Super quick, worked perfectly. Written on: 02-07-2016 by Christopher Friend

Super quick, worked perfectly.

Unlock of iPhone 6 Written on: 15-10-2015 by crispcg

Had an email a couple of days after I placed my order and unlocked following the instructions without issue.

Highly recommended Written on: 14-12-2015 by Jaidyn118

I was looking for a service that offered good value phone unlocking O2 would not unlock my phone unless I paid off my phone and I needed it unlocked as I was travelling to the states on a pre paid USA SIM card one company I tried could not unlock it and advised I would be unlikely to unlock it but I can't complain about them they communicated with me and refunded me without question but I thought I would take the chance with this company and within a week had the delight of an email saying they have unlocked my phone I tried with a lycamobile sim as they are freely available as my USA SIM card was not activated until the date I went away and to my relief it worked 2 days later got to the states and my USA SIM card is working no problems so thank mobile unlocked you saved me over £700 to unlock with o2 and saved me having bought my SIM card for the USA throwing it away and writing off the cost of £40

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rating of 4.8 Stars out of 5 across 4 738 real reviews!

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How to Unlock the Galaxy S6

  1. Begin by turning on your Samsung Galaxy S6 with the non-accepted SIM card.
  2. When the phone asks for the SIM Network Unlock PIN enter the Unfreeze code MobileUnlocked will have already sent to you and press Unlock.
  3. The phone may say that's successful in which case your phone is now unlocked. Great! However if it says it was unsuccessful, it will ask you again for the SIM Network Unlock PIN, in which case proceed to the next step.
  4. Now enter the Network unlock code and press Unlock, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be unlocked

What Do I Receive

With all Samsung orders we deliver 2 different codes. The majority of orders will only require the Defreeze code and the Network code. The others are only required where the network that the phone is being unlocked from works differently that the main ones. In the same email that includes your unlock code, you will also receive complete instructions on how to enter it.

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Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 is an android smartphone invented by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. The phone is currently one of the best high-end mobile phones you could purchase. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is a reputable firm in the electronics world as they have been around since 1969 and have invented a wide series of products. Some of these products include LCD and LED panels, mobile phones, semi conductors, televisions, laptops, printer, camcorders and digital camera, storage media and MP3 players amongst others. Their current Slogan is “Samsun, Turn on Tomorrow”, which is probably why they have been leading in the electronics world as they have always been at the forefront of new technologies. Samsung have created a wide range of mobile phones since inventing their first mobile phone in 1988. One of such phones is the Samsung Galaxy S6 which is one of the top most phones presently due to the technologies embedded in it and its features. The mobile phone which is one of Samsung Galaxy S series and has a dimension of 143.4 mm x 70.5 mm x 6.8 mm. The phone runs on the latest Android operating system (Android 5.0.2 Lollipop) and uses an Exynos 7420 Octa-core, 2.1 GHz Quad + 1.5GHz Quad. The phone was released on April 10, 2015 and has display resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels. It also features a Gorilla Glass 4 protection. The rear camera is 16 megapixel while the front camera is 5 megapixel. The phone is currently one of the best high-end mobile phones you could purchase. You could quickly unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 safely and securely by using Mobile Unlocked code.