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Unlock Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

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Some testimonials

They are the best i have ever worked with. Written on: 10-06-2016 by Lucky Nemapare

It took me 48 working hours to get my galaxy s3 unlocked. Their unlock codes work wonders. Thank you mobile unlocked

Was nervous but great result Written on: 11-02-2016 by Leon83

The code worked first time. Was sent code through soonee than 3-24hrs. Brilliant low price. Was quoted 20-25 on high Street and got the code for 7.99. Superub service!

Best unlock website Written on: 30-11-2016 by Romero365

These guys are awesome. The service is fast. I have got my code in 9 hours Thanks

100?% great service would recommend Written on: 05-04-2018 by russell jarman

100?% great service would recommend these to anyone

Excellent Written on: 24-08-2015 by James Stacey

I wanted to unlock an HTC Desire S (locked to Orange). The whole process took less than 10 minutes and cost less than a tenner (thanks to a deal linked to Giffgaff). Couldn't have been any better. Big recommendation!

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How to Unlock the Galaxy Ace 2

  1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 with a SIM card of your choice.
  2. When the phone prompts you for the SIM Network Unlock PIN enter the Unfreeze code we've sent you.
  3. After pressing the Unlock button, the phone will read "unsuccessful" but that is to be expected
  4. Now enter the Network unlock code Press Unlock and the phone will be unlocked.

What Do I Receive

With all Samsung orders we deliver 2 different codes. The majority of orders will only require the Defreeze code and the Network code. The others are only required where the network that the phone is being unlocked from works differently that the main ones. In the same email that includes your unlock code, you will also receive complete instructions on how to enter it.

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 was released in the UK in May 2012. It runs the Android OS and is one of the most cost effective smartphones offered by Samsung. It offers mid-range hardware, succeeded only by the Galaxy S. Though it was shipped with Android 2.3 "Gingerbread", it was later updated to run the newer iterations of Android, such as 4.1 "Jellybean" as well as 4.4 "Kitkat", and also has social networking capabilities such as Google+ support built-in. Shipping with 4GB of storage, which is extendable with microSD, it boasts of features such as 5MP rear and front cameras, a dual-core 800 MHz processor, a user replaceable battery (unlike the iPhone), support for all Google apps and Samsung's much lauded Swype keyboard. TechRadar praised the Galaxy Ace 2 as "...exceeding expectation on multiple fronts, the second-generation would be a wise buy for any first time or returning smartphone owner..." The friendly user interface and relatively lower cost of the phone make it an attractive option for all. To unlock the Galaxy Ace 2, simply follow the steps offered by Mobileunlocked.com and make the most of the Galaxy Ace 2.