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Unlock Nokia Lumia 920

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How to Unlock the Lumia 920

  1. Turn on the Nokia Lumia 920 with a non-accepted SIM card inserted
  2. The phone will tell you the SIM will only work on specific networks, and ask you to "Enter PIN"
  3. Enter the network unlock code we sent you and press Enter

What Do I Receive

This does depend on whether or not you've selected to receive an unlock code or use the software, so I'll run through both.

If you have selected the unlock code, you will receive the code by email along with the instructions on how to enter it in the phone.

For the software, you will receive login information, full instructions and a download link. Following the instructions is simple and the software will then automatically unlock the phone upon completion, removing the need for you to manually enter it.


Some testimonials

who are you going to call? (Mobile Unlocked) that's who! Written on: 01-10-2015 by Lesly354

What a great web site for unlocking your phone, I have been trying for ages to find a place to unlock my phone, tried a few and always got a (sorry mate cant yer) and many a refund. looked up Moble Unlocked, paid the fee and the next day BAM in the email was a code to unlock. put the code in and what do you know it worked! I have already got a few more phones lined up to be unlocked in the future. saved the web to favourites. all in all a very pleasant transaction from beginning to end, many thanks again.

EXCELLENT Written on: 18-09-2015 by Rosa472

Have no hesitation using this service, my iphone 6 plus was unlocked in 4 days and well in the time frame given. recieve you're email, plug into itunes and your phone is unlocked - SIMPLE

Unexpectedly Good! Written on: 25-11-2015 by wwFletcher445

I have always been a skeptic about network unlocking services advertised online, particularly for the iPhone. Up until now I had to wait for a year everytime so that my network (O2) would allow my phone to be unlocked. Recently I upgraded to iPhone 6s (I paid O2 £270 so that I can upgrade early). When I contacted O2 regarding unlocking my phone they said they wouldn't do it! I needed to travel abroad and use a foreign sim. Needless to say, I was pretty annoyed. Then I came across GiffGaff recommending several services like MobileUnlocked. Out of that list, MobileUnlocked looked the one with much promise; it had really high ratings from A LOT of customers and a recommendation from GiffGaff, what could go wrong? The process of purchasing the service was very quick and easy, plus the fee is very reasonable. I was also kept updated on the progress of my unlock. Then in just under 10 days (could vary for you) I received an email informing me that my iPhone 6S was now unlocked! It's fantastic. I wish I had known about MobileUnlocked before. Thank You

Price higher than advertised but very good customer service Written on: 06-05-2016 by Tomasz

Even though the price of the service was a bit higher than first advertised (due to the nature of the lock on my phone) and it took quite a bit of time to unlock my iPhone 5s, I would still recommend this company to anyone. The service provided was excellent -- a representative of the company contacted me immediately after they discovered further work is needed to unlock the iPhone and kept me updated on the progress of my order. I did get the usual notifications about payment and then a final one about the successful unlocking of the phone, which came with all the necessary instructions on how to update the phone's status with iTunes. All in all, despite the higher cost and longer time it took to unlock the phone, I would still recommed the company to anyone; particularly as their service actually saved me about a hundred pounds it would've cost to unlock the phone with a brick-and-mortar company!

Unlocked my Iphone locked to Rogers in 24 Hours, Amazing Written on: 14-08-2015 by Macy318

“Unlocked my Iphone locked to Rogers in 24 Hours, Amazing”

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Nokia Lumia 920

The flagship Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 operating system is easily unlocked using your unique unlock code, which we can provide. It has a 4.5 curved screen and very different design to the Nokia Lumia 900, with changeable back covers. Unlocking the phone is however completely the same, and by using your IMEI we'll be able to find the unlock code that can remove your network lock in moments. As soon as we have found it, we'll email you the code and instructions to be using whichever SIM card you want in no time.

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