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Unlock Nokia Lumia 920

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How to Unlock the Lumia 920

  1. Turn on the Nokia Lumia 920 with a non-accepted SIM card inserted
  2. The phone will tell you the SIM will only work on specific networks, and ask you to "Enter PIN"
  3. Enter the network unlock code we sent you and press Enter

What Do I Receive

This does depend on whether or not you've selected to receive an unlock code or use the software, so I'll run through both.

If you have selected the unlock code, you will receive the code by email along with the instructions on how to enter it in the phone.

For the software, you will receive login information, full instructions and a download link. Following the instructions is simple and the software will then automatically unlock the phone upon completion, removing the need for you to manually enter it.


Some testimonials

Excellent job and FAST Written on: 06-10-2015 by AimeeWoodard

Five stars! I will defend recommend it to all my friends. Excellent job and FAST. NICE LOVE IT. In less than 40 minutes my phone was unlocked. Great job! 5 stars!

Thank you. Keep it up Written on: 11-03-2016 by 27McDougall

Thank you. Keep it up

excellent service Written on: 10-08-2015 by aynul

within 24 hours how it is possible to unlock an iphone 6! yes, it was done by ! I placed an order yesterday at 11am and i got code today by 11 am. super service with resonable price! thanks a lot for great service.

Worth the money Written on: 08-10-2015 by 233Morse

At first I was sceptical about the site but from the reviews I thought, hey why not? I purchased an unlock for an iPhone 6S which I purchased sim free from Carphone Warehouse, but these lock automatically to the first operator you use (currently with O2). Really annoying as the iPhones from Apple store do not do this. I paid up and a week later got an email saying the phone was ready to be unlocked. Plugged it into iTunes and followed the email instructions and boom, it's unlocked! Highly recommended!

“Quick easy no fuss” Written on: 18-07-2015 by --

Even though the service is somewhat expensive for the Galaxy s5, I do appreciate that the experience was speedy, straight forward with no fusses. This is experience was great as opposed to say gsmliberty. I have used gsmliberty (a competitor) over a year ago and there was quite a bit more to deal with and was not straight forward. The second time I used gsmliberty, I had to wait days and decided to cancel their service. This was among other issues they had including a poorly designed website and nonworking call center number. Mobileunlocked service was excellent, had a nicely designed website, and had quick response times. They told me what to expect and they delivered. I would do business with them again.

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Nokia Lumia 920

The flagship Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 operating system is easily unlocked using your unique unlock code, which we can provide. It has a 4.5 curved screen and very different design to the Nokia Lumia 900, with changeable back covers. Unlocking the phone is however completely the same, and by using your IMEI we'll be able to find the unlock code that can remove your network lock in moments. As soon as we have found it, we'll email you the code and instructions to be using whichever SIM card you want in no time.

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