Wowzers...we’re famous!

Wowzers...we’re famous!

08 Jun 2012

Since the launch of our Samsung Galaxy S3 competition just under a week ago we have had an outstanding response from everyone on Twitter and Facebook. Thousands of people have already liked us on Facebook and filled out the sweepstake form or tweeted our message on Twitter, which is all that is required to enter them in the competition.

We couldn’t be more thankful for the reception the competition has had so far and...keep it coming! Is there a friend you haven’t told about the competition? Share the love my mobile unlocking friends. This isn’t just any phone we’re giving away here. It is the most anticipated phone of the year! The phone that blog owners stayed up all night for at the unveiling just to be the first to talk about it.

If you are one of the fortunate enough souls to own a S3, remember we can already provide the unlock codes for it and we’re reducing our prices as much as we can all the time. To unlock your Samsung Galaxy S3 simply go to the page and select the network you are locked to, to see if we have the unlock available.

This isn’t about just giving the phone away people, it is about making it free. Poetic.

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