How to insure your phone, tablet & laptop

How to insure your phone, tablet & laptop

21 Jul 2016

With the progress of technology, portable gadgets such as phones, laptops and tablets have become an integral part of our everyday lives. These devices are extremely valuable and can cause a major dent in the dent if stolen, misplaced or damaged. Hence, it is highly recommended to everyone that they get all their portable gadgets insured.

One of the primary reasons for this kind of insurance is the possibility of losing money and data in case your phone, tablet or laptop suffers from irreparable damage.

People spend a lot of money on these gadgets and their upgrades; hence any such problem can lead to not only loss of important information but also valuable assets. This is why you should consider insurance for your gadgets and keep your money protected at all times.

Gadget insurance works just like every other insurance policy. One has to make sure that they read through each term, condition and stipulation before choosing a plan and provider. When it comes to phone, tablet and laptop insurance, a person should consider all their options. Prices and coverage can vary with each different insurance plan, and people have to keep in mind that this kind of insurance works best when the device is new.

As new developments and upgrades occur regularly, these gadgets may decrease in value over time. Hence, you must start to look for a plan when the device is still relatively new. This way you will be able to get a better deal.

Other than that, when taking out insurance, consider all the aspects. Compare the premiums and the excess with the actual value of the product and determine how much you can allocate to this insurance budget. Do not just jump into the first insurance plan that you come across. A number of people have made this mistake and ended up spending a lot more money which could be saved.

All insurance plans come with cooling period that can last up to 14 days. This is the time when you can decide if you really want to continue with the insurance or cancel it. Those who realize that they are unable to stick it and maintain their payments in the future can dissolve their policies. However, everyone should check the conditions and consult their provider for the exact duration of the cooling period.

There are mostly three types of covers offered in the gadget insurance plan:

You can easily apply for any of them and ensure that your gadgets are protected against accidental damage, theft and can be repaired as per the plan.

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