Would 4G make you switch networks?

Would 4G make you switch networks?

17 Jan 2013

The question has apparently been answered by Virgin Mobile, who, with the help of market research company YouGov, have found that for most people, it wouldn't. It would seem that the speed of data offered by 4G isn't amongst the greatest interest for the UK public at the moment, with 61% of respondents commenting that the costs of the 4G services on offer being the main reason why they wouldn't switch.

The research has been published at a time when some of the largest networks in the world will be competing in a bidding process to gain the right to offer a 4G service throughout the UK. The bids are expected to fetch the UK Government around £3.5 billion, who are restructuring the UK mobile data infrastructure to offer 4G speeds.

Interestingly, Virgin Mobile, who are an MVNO themselves, won't be involved in the bidding process. It certainly is well timed research from the network, owned by Richard Branson, but there does appear to be more to the results. Apparently, not all UK consumers entirely understand what 4G is exactly, hence their reluctance to pay for it.

EE are currently on a mission to establish themselves in the 4G market, with an awareness campaign about the technology airing on UK television with Kevin Bacon. But, with more networks set to enter the spectrum, I would expect that to change, as more adverts popularise the technology and make everyone aware of just how beneficial it will be.

Time will tell just how popular 4G will become but with a technology set to offer mobile speeds above the average UK household broadband, it is hard to see how it could fail.

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Article by Darren Kingman

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