What is “official” iPhone Unlocking?

What is “official” iPhone Unlocking?

06 Feb 2014

We get asked quite frequently about iPhone unlocking and, in particular, if the lock will activate when the phone syncs with iTunes or gets an iOS update. I’m going to explain in this article why your iPhone won’t do that using a service like ours.

There are services, particularly the ones that need your iPhone physically, that will only provide a temporary unlocking. This is usually done for not much money. These guys use a third-party software that then reconfigures the lock on the phone but the lock will only remain off as long as the phone isn’t connected to iTunes or updated.

We provide iPhone unlocking through iTunes - a recognised software that hopefully everyone, at least with an iPhone, is aware of. This ensures the lock will remain permanently removed.

Let me explain how it works. When an order is requested on our site, we, through our network, request that the IMEI of your phone be updated on the Apple iTunes servers so it is then recognised as unlocked. The temporary solutions mentioned above crucially don’t do this. Once complete, which can take some time and requires various checks (e.g. to confirm the phone isn’t reported as lost or stolen), you then simply connect it to iTunes and the servers update the phone to remove the SIM lock. This process then confirms that Apple officially recognise that your iPhone is unlocked and should remain so upon further syncing and updates.

There you have it - that is how the process works and why you should be careful depending on which service you choose to go with. If you would like to go with us, please feel free to go to our iPhone unlocking page and select your model from there. Note: not all networks can be currently unlocked from and the prices do vary from network to network based on the cost to us to get the unlocking confirmed.

I hope that’s helped.

Article by Darren Kingman

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