We're King on GiffGaff's Unlockapedia

We're King on GiffGaff's Unlockapedia

20 Sep 2012

If you read this section regularly, you may be aware that we take our reviews online very seriously - even having a few drinks in the office when we passed 1000 reviews on Review Centre recently!

Well we've got some other news that we'd like to share. Some of you may not be aware of the GiffGaff Unlockapedia, but it compares a number of unlocking websites and MobileUnlocked.com are leading the way (by some distance!). GiffGaff users can also leave their own reviews about the unlocking sites, sharing their experiences with the community. We've had a number of visitors from this GiffGaff page, and out of the 77 that have reviewed us, an impressive 62 have left 5 star reviews! We don't only have the most amount of reviews, but also by far the highest amount of 5 star reviews.

To us this shows that we are really doing a good job and nearly everyone that uses the site is having an immensely positive experience. We don't however only want to thank the people who left these positive reviews, but everyone, even if a few stars were missing! We do read and take into account everything you are saying and we constantly try to improve delivery times and prices where we can. There are some issues that we can't change that people downgrade us for (such as a lack of information on the GiffGaff page - which we've contacted them about quite a few times) but we are trying and hopefully we'll pick up many more 5 star reviews in the very near future.

Thanks again everyone!

Article by Darren Kingman

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