Vietnamese Student Jailbreaks the iPhone 4S

Vietnamese Student Jailbreaks the iPhone 4S

20 Jan 2012

A Vietnamese online forum has been flooded with tens of thousands of views and comments due to one boy's claim of unlocking the iPhone 4S.

Unlocking the iPhone 4S has been available through unlock codes for some time, but in countries that have a high demand for unlocked versions of the phone, it hasn't been a viable option. This is because already unlocked versions of the 4S come at an additional cost. But with a free method of unlocking being made public, it has caught the eye of many importers ready to unlock the phone and make a pretty penny selling it for use on any network.

Le Minh Tuan's claims on the forum (under the username Fullove) suggest that by following a process with a specific (and sometimes quite difficult to acquire) set of ingredients, it's possible to unlock the so far, unlockable iPhone via anything but an official code.

Fullove's claims are that with an original 4S, USB SIM card reader, magic SIM (6 in 1), a local network SIM card and SIM card produced by whichever network the 4S is currently locked to, it can be done.

For more infomation on how to unlock the iPhone 4S, read the article at

If however that method sounds ridiculously long, we have the unlocking tool with a full set of simple to use instructions available right here.

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